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Search results

  1. amits

    best international team in 2013

    after 10 years from now on, which team u expect to be the best in cricket ? aussie dominance will fall after 4 consecutive test series losses to ind(h), sl(a), ind(a) and pak(h) and wont recover from that to be no.1. aus might be 3/4 or something. i expect india to be at the top as v have the...
  2. amits

    why MCAS ?

    iamdavid and furious_ged, what is the meaning of the MCAS u 2 have started. furious_ged, u also say that he is the only cricketer who really deserves a society :O
  3. amits

    best batsman since 2001

    best test batsman since 2000/01 who u guys think has been the best batsman in tests since 2001 ? my debate and vote will come later. i have included atleast 1 player fom every test team so as to be fair to all.
  4. amits

    y not create a thread for sharing pics

    with us guys posting here for a long time. its better if we come to know each other even more. there should be a thread of us guys to share our pics of various ages. right from 1-current age.
  5. amits

    indian wicket keeper

    who u guys think should be the long term indian wicket keeper. i will go with ratra. his record speaks for himself.
  6. amits

    annoying e-mails

    how to end this ??? whenever i post something in any thread, and once somebody replies, i get an email in my mailbox and i check emails twice a day and the 1st thing i have to do is to delete these emails which fill up my mail box. there r almost 70-80 new emails everytime i check my mailbox...
  7. amits

    Ind-Aus test series

    what do u guys think will be the outcome of the ind-aus test series ? (this is different from the official thread, as it is just an opinion poll) keep all the series discussion to the official thread only. also, i never meant to start 2 threads on the same thing.
  8. amits

    FFFC - Anybody wants to join it

    Is anybody out here interested in joining the FFFC (Freddie Flintoff Fan Club) ?
  9. amits

    cricketweb.net chat room ?

    can anybody start a cricketweb.net chat room ? i find nothing like this here. it can be used by members to talk to each other when they are online at the same time and also it can be used for talking about live matches.
  10. amits

    *Official* VB Series - Australia, India & Zimbabwe

    *Official* VB Series (Ind,Aus,Zim) thread with a hot discussion going on the ind-aus series and the TVS cup being over, i think this is the right time to start the series. the series will be starting in less than 2 months from now. any predictions ? mine india will win it beating australia...
  11. amits

    next test team

    which country do u think will field the next test team ?
  12. amits

    agarkar mad-fias on CW.net

    now y an agarkar mad-fia out here as well ??? the agarkar mad-fia is also present in ICF and now on this cricketweb.net baord, i also c an AAAS (CW.net equivalent of the agarkar mad-fia) i cant understand y most of the indians support agarkar so much :O :O :O
  13. amits

    average time to create a freeware game

    I have just started learning vb (visual basic 6.0) and i want to create a cricket game. i am NOT asking for any source codes but i just want to ask this - How much time it takes to create a game from the time u start to learn vb 6.0 ?