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Thread: The 2011 Rugby World Cup

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    Quote Originally Posted by Piper View Post
    I don't think they could make a bigger mess than London has made of the 2012 Olympics so far. I think for the good of the sport, it should have been hosted in Japan so that it brings the sport to somewhere, where it wasn't as big. But going on the NZ having it, maybe they could use some of Australia's grounds? I mean it isn't all that far away as long as they stayed in the east coast.
    That won't happen, I would rather they give Fiji, Samoa and Tonga a home game each than throwing a few matches away to Australia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoyBrumby View Post
    I've heard there's going to be a plate competition run at the 2011 world cup for the losing quarter finalists. They're calling it the Bledisloe Cup.

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