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Thread: The Australia Thread

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    Cricketer Of The Year ripper868's Avatar
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    the aussie performance against the yarpies was awesome. everyone (including me) wrote them off, i think they showed there is still some ticker there, the backline is key, and the one that played the saffies should stay the same.

    9 - Gregan
    10- Larkham
    12- Giteau
    13- mortlock

    mortlock did appear lazy but will improve as normal.
    gits may be a better half than gregan but gregan gets the job done and gits is more of a threat at inside the half.
    larkham didnt have a stand out game but he didnt do anything terrible for mine.

    back three is a toss up. me thinks like this
    11 - Tuquiri
    14 - Mitchell
    15 - Latham ( in the cup) for now....huxley, mitchell, ashley-cooper, Dunning. dont think it matters right now, latham in the cup, matt burke surprise inclusion in the squad.

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    mate it doesnt matter who u got in the backs

    the australian forwards will struggle to gain 40% of the ball, and what scraps they do get will be on the back foot and under pressure
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    refer saturday just passed

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    Tuquiri and Dunning on a midnight curfew for the entire world cup i'm led to beleive. It's no wonder ARU had to pay Tuquiri so much, it seems he's needs every penny of it to pay for the fines.
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    Tuquiri will get himself sacked and return to league after the WC, its been pretty obvious his over Rugby for a while, just wanted another shot at WC glory.
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