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Thread: Predictions thread

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    Predictions thread

    Just for the quarters onwards - 1 point for each pick correct, most points wins thread.

    My picks


    8 October 18:00 Westpac Stadium, Wellington
    Winner Pool C v Runner-up Pool D (QF1)
    Aussie Samoa

    8 October 20:30 Eden Park, Auckland
    Winner Pool B v Runner-up Pool A (QF2)
    Eng France

    9 October 18:00 Westpac Stadium, Wellington
    Winner Pool D v Runner-up Pool C (QF3)
    SA Ireland

    9 October 20:30 Eden Park, Auckland
    Winner Pool A v Runner-up Pool B (QF4)
    NZ Argentina

    Semi Finals

    15 October 21:00 Eden Park, Auckland
    QF1 Winner v QF2 Winner
    Aussie v France

    16 October 21:00 Eden Park, Auckland
    QF3 Winner v QF4 Winner
    SA v NZ

    Third Place

    21 October 20:30 Eden Park, Auckland
    Loser SF1 v Loser SF2
    France v NZ - winner France


    23 October 21:00 Eden Park, Auckland
    Winner SF1 v Winner SF2
    Aussie v SA - winner SA

    I am partly predicting this an anti jinx but also because I think the dew on the ball could hamper the ABs.
    I got great enjoyment shouting "WHY THE **** ISN'T THIS GAME BEING PLAYED AT THE BASIN?!>!?!?" to reasonably significant cheers from the sparse crowd
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    Personally I reckon someone (and by someone I mean Brumby) could run one for the whole Tournament, perhaps have everyone predict winner and margin of victory (ie in England's first game you could pick England by 15-20 or Argentina by 2-7)
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