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Thread: Playoff for 3 and 4

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    Playoff for 3 and 4

    What an absolute waste of a game!

    It is only played just for the sake of it and the players dont wont to play it or be there, so what is the point?

    I would rather see a 'Best-of-the-best' game, where the best players from South Africa, New Zealand, Argentina, the Pacific Islands and Nambia (ok none would make it) pool together in a Southern Hempishere XVI and the best from Ireland, France, Italy, Soctland, Wales, Georgia (ok none would make it), USA, Canada and Japan pool together and form a Northern Hempishere XVI, play off in a one-off game.

    That would be worth it and I'm sure the players would want to play in instead of the 3/4 game.
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    It still managed to attract a crowd of 78,000. More loot for the coffers, methinks!

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    Originally posted by Blunderbuss
    It still managed to attract a crowd of 78,000. More loot for the coffers, methinks!
    If that crowd figure is true, I'm amazed.

    Whole areas of the ground seemed almost empty.
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