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Thread: Best FTP over ever

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    Best FTP over ever

    By our very own Dan Rai nontheless, needed 24 for 50 and by god he did it

    End of over 20 (24 runs) - Wishbone Ash(171-3) RR 8.55
    D. Rai 50 (20b) , D. Ni****a 16 (9b) , H. Torres 4-0-58-0
    That is 50 runs for Rai (20b 9x4 0x6) SR:250.00
    19.6 4 Torres to Rai : [misfield] Rivera puts a foot out but can't manage to stop the ball. Perhaps he should try using his hands next time?
    19.5 4 Torres to Rai : A loose ball from Torres and Rai has given it a mighty mash through cover. That's four runs.
    19.4 4 Torres to Rai : It has to be tennis out there, surely. A walloped ball sails over Torres's head for 4. Rai looks very smug indeed.
    That is the 50 partnership (23b 7x4 1x6) SR:226.09
    19.3 4 Torres to Rai : Magnificent! Half a stride down the pitch and Rai sends the ball flying over Powell at midwicket much to the dismay of Torres. One bounce before the rope means 4 to the total.
    19.2 4 Torres to Rai : Great shot there by Rai. He has placed that delivery from Torres over cover and it takes one bounce to the boundary.
    19.1 4 Torres to Rai : Excellent cover drive. Torres bowls a half volley and Rai was onto it like he knew what was coming. Perfect balance, good bottom hand push, wonderful batting.
    End of over 19 (12 runs) - Wishbone Ash(147-3) RR 7.74
    D. Ni****a 16 (9b) , D. Rai 26 (14b) , C. Rivera 4-0-35-0

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    I can't believe that, Rai is a **** OD player
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    Torres is a gun.

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