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Thread: Academy Levels?

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    Academy Levels?

    Mine are:
    Senior Academy: satisfactory
    Youth Academy: reasonable

    I am trying to get YA up good although.
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    Mine are both good at the moment, senior was excellent before but plopped a while ago. It should be popping again in week or two.

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    Senior Academy: reasonable Your academy investment last week resulted in an improvement in your academy condition
    Youth Academy: superior Your academy investment last week resulted in an improvement in your academy condition
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    Both excellent, would imagine they'll both pop to superior soon as I've been investing 3x the average for quite a while. The average itself has gone down a lot recently while my invested amount stayed constant, so that should hasten proceedings.
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    the guy's trash bro
    Both at good

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    Senior: Good
    Youth: Excellent

    Youth will probably drop by the end of the season.
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    Senior Academy excellent
    Youth Academy lavish

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    Into my 3rd season now and only really have started to get the money to invest in them, both reasonable with youth academy popping today.
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    Both good, made some decent money in the TM couple of weeks ago so Senior is on improving+ and should hopefully pop soon. fine with yoof where it is at the moment, with a good mix of players a few seasons ago my youth team managed to peak at 6th rated in the Windies so I don't really see the need to take it any further just yet.

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