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Thread: If you could compete in one Olympic event...

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    If you could compete in one Olympic event...

    What would it be?

    For me, I'd obviously go with hockey seeing as I play it and all. Otherwise, the 100m would be wicked, though I'm severely lacking in the seemingly mandatory showpony personality trait to compete in that. Wouldn't want to go near the marathon or triathlon.
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    100m or decathlon.

    Everyone ignores the decathlon in between major events and then the "Best athlete in the World" is crowned.
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    Swimming, probably. Always really enjoyed it. I used to be alright at it too, I won two events at school swimming sports when I was 10...but then the following year I didn't make it past the heats. Faster decline than Roger Federer tbh.

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    100m freestyle or Breaststroke.
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    I'd like to be the hoop in the rhythmic gymnastics.

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    I was pretty good at the 1,500m back in the day. My fastest cross country 1,500m was timed at 4:31 whilst my track fastest was 4:21.

    Still a fair way off the New Zealand record of 3:38, but seeing as I never really took it seriously, I could probably have shaved a fair whack off that time given half a chance.
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    Decathlon or Rowing
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    100m, at least when I came last in that I would only have put in 15 seconds of effort.

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    Why don't the boxers have any head protection any more?
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    Burgey submitted a class action suggesting they harden the **** up.

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    Individual and Team pursuits.
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    Sailing. Favourite Olympic sport.

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    Swimming or Hurdles.
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    Hockey or Track Cycling.

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    Football or hockey
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