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Thread: Kevin Pietersen: Beast of Man

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    Kevin Pietersen: Beast of Man

    Hello everyone

    First of all thanks for accepting this post in the spirit its intended - im not a cricket regular, and I know spamming forums is bad form. However there is something I'd like to draw your attention to in the hope it may be of interest.

    I'm a podcast producer at the BBC, and recently spent a week living with Kevin Pietersen at his South African lodge to document his new work in trying to preserve the rhino populations of South Africa. I guess many of you guys will know of his SORAI materials, and how he and Mark Boucher among others have been at the forefront of this for a few years. I had expected to go out and make a pretty straight set of documentaries like you'd see on the Discovery Channel or elsewhere. But the result really and truly was very different.

    It is a genuinely immersive podcast.

    The access KP gave us was extraordinary, in a way that I dont believe too many others have gotten over the years. Im not a sports journalist, and so Im not so invested in all the reheated debates since 2005, the text gate, etc etc etc - I just wanted to get to the real reasons as to why he's turned with such energy to rhinos. I feel this podcast really does give a bit of an insight.

    What we discovered was the trust that a determined family of extraordinary people in South Africa have placed in him to assist them in some harrowing situations. Situations we really weren't prepared to see. And the podcast follows that story, much moreso than any cricket.

    So I hope you may give it your time. I think a lot of you guys may really enjoy it.

    You can get it here.

    It's a proper deep dive, and I'd be intrigued to hear what you think about the man that emerges.

    So once again, thanks for reading this post in the right spirit... I hope you enjoy it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beastofman View Post
    I'm a podcast producer at the BBC, and recently spent a week living with Kevin Pietersen
    My condolences.

    However, this sounds really interesting. Will give it a spin later on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sledger View Post
    My condolences.
    This, especially for the BBC part.
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    Cheers for sharing this mate. Will have a listen later

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