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Thread: Avengers Endgame (spoilers)

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    Thanos is an unreliable narrator. He tells Gamorra to her face that he saved her planet and people by doing what he did, in Guardians of the Galaxy 1, the Nova Corps note that she’s the last of her kind.
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    Wish I could articulate myself all over your face tbh
    And they say romance is dead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silentstriker View Post
    Obviously spread of Christianity and the consequent turn away from intellectual activities had a big role to play in the difference as well.
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    I think you're misunderstanding the historical role of the church in ancient history. They were the preservers of knowledge. The monks and bishops were the most educated of society. The clashes between the church and scientists only really happened once science began to establish itself in the renaissance.

    It was the infighting and bickering between nobles in ancient Rome that eventually led to the collapse of the empire and the subsequent dark ages.
    these had their part, but imo of the major influences to the fall the 3 largest were climatic, economic and social.

    -the hordes were being constantly pushed south by climate change
    -the romans developed some racism. killing off the german families of their german legions is a particular highlight
    -the romans never got their heads around inflation

    the west had no money, no tolerance and a pile of people knocking on their door looking for somewhere that could grow food and didn't have the huns or the vandals running about. the vandals themselves migrated from northern germany to the african breadbasket.

    christianity did partially socially wreck the roman slave economy, but so did the cessation of roman expansion. rome and sassanid persia were reasonably happy with their size and borders despite the usual border squabbling. no slaves means economic reform is required and that's hard to do when professional armies are loyal to their generals who then feel culturally compelled to act when their stupid armies nominate them augustus/imperator.

    christianity and infighting had their roles but vastly undderate roman society. rome's strneghts were their openness to new people and ideas (roman citizenship being based on cultural instead of ethnic grounds was revoluionary) and sheer manpower. they could raise some serious ****ing numbers of professional soldiers. that's why they could afford so many civil wars without collapse.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Athlai View Post
    Yeah and itd probably be on the scale of tens to maybe even hundreds of millions of marriages. Lawyers would truly be loving it.
    yeah it would be good for business...

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