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Thread: well it's not time to go, but

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    Not much else I can say here that hasn't already been said. Except to pass on my most sincere best wishes to you Vimes as you go through this transition process and to also say just how incredible this community we have here is.......every now and then you get to see the very best of CW and this is such a time......its ****ing great!!!!

    Some of you may recall a thread i started a couple of years ago concerning my son son and his gender dysphoria, well we are about to start the transition process with him now hes turned 18. I dont want to hijack this thread so will bump my one later, but i would love to chat with you about this some time Vimes to see if Europe is any better equipped for this than Aus.
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    congrats vimes and best of luck in the process

    good mate of mine had pretty significant gender dysphoria issues through hs though they’ve come to terms with it and they’ve come through more comfortable with themself and a much more confident, at peace with themselves person, and i am totally sure you will too
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    I'm rather late to this, but have to wish the erstwhile Vimes all the best for her transition.

    One of the bravest posts I've seen on here and, gosh darn it, I think CW rose to the occasion. Some heartily good eggs deep down, aren't you?
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    well in Magrat, all the best friend.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OverratedSanity View Post
    The only post that comes close would probably be the classic crucifixion-fca joke by... guess who

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    Oh I just saw that post. I just laughed out loud at work. That is immense. Well done.
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    Best wishes Magrat

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    thanks Scarlett. It'll be fine
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