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Thread: Dancing

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    Personally. I have no problem with others doing it, and understand the skill and dedication it takes to become really good at it

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    Dancing with rhe stars comes to mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zorax View Post
    I used to really dislike dancing when I was young, because it was always portrayed to me as something kids and youngsters had to do in order to entertain older people. Kids performing in weddings for adults, in school events for parents and teachers, relatives making you dance in front of other relatives at social events. I was even put into dance classes as a kid and the end result was to perform this choreographed routine in a mall in front of hundreds of random strangers. It was always so weird, and always connected to performing for others, entertaining others, and I disliked it. I didn't want to forcefully be made to do something simply to entertain other people. It felt so silly too, all the dance moves they would teach us. Just copying these funny movements you see actors do in movies and such. Urgh.

    As I've grown older, my views have changed. Partly because of drinking/party culture, where you see it as something kinda actually fun to do, but also because of being friends with several different dancers and learning from them, to the point where I can actually now appreciate it as an art form. I like watching it because it can be genuinely good. Quite a lot of athleticism and timing goes into it, and it can be very compelling. It's also often tied to the culture and history of a country, and it's one of those things like food, music and language where every culture has their own form of.

    I've also started watching more contemporary/modern/interpretive dance performances, and it's a whole different world. Like, sometimes these dances are so far out there that I can't understand the meaning behind them, or the message they are conveying. It just looks like people dressed in strange clothes moving around in hard-to-follow patterns to weird 'music', and the whole performance just leaves me confused as to what I've just seen. Like very pretentious modern art where you're meant to know all these background details and have watched a bunch of other performances by these artists in order to grasp what's happening. It's like I'm missing chapters in the book. And sometimes they are meant to be deliberately vague, so you can put your own interpretation on it. Like what kind of bullshit is that. I'd like to be told what I'm watching please, I don't want to have to struggle to figure it out, or to watch something that can be whatever I want it to be.

    And then sometimes I'll watch a performances and go 'huh, I kinda get what was happening there'. Something laid out more clearly for a moron like me, that's got some real good dancers and some sort of coherent narrative and not so subtle message, and those can be really entertaining. it will be like enjoying good quality dancing, as is, and then on top of that enjoying a good story. Like this:

    So yea, I guess what I'm saying is that I don't mind dance as much as I once used to. I've actually wanted to learn a few forms of dance for quite a while myself, and maybe one day I'll get around to it. But I still find it weird to dance in parties or social events, unless i'm sufficiently drunk and my close friends are doing it as well.
    This post is peak zorax really.
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    Next week I'll probably be arguing the opposite

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    I don't know what that means and I don't want to
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    If only Kane Richardson had played some HK domestic cricket before his ODI debut.
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    The Hong Kong Blitz is better than the IPL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SillyCowCorner1 View Post
    Shouting, but no sound.
    A beautiful summary. Poetic.
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