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Thread: Podcasts: What Do You Listen To? (AKA Is Pron the Same When the Video Can't Be Seen?)

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    Podcasts: What Do You Listen To? (AKA Is Pron the Same When the Video Can't Be Seen?)

    Nothing like a good podcast to pass the time when you're commuting to work/having some down time/trying to ignore the missus. What recommendations do the fine folk at CW have to entertain the ears?

    At the moment I'm listening to:

    The Jim Jefferies Show
    A variety of true crime podcasts, like Casefile (but it seems to have gone downhill recently).
    The Infinite Monkey Cage
    The Little Dum Dum Club

    Re: the last one. Listened to an episode today with Lawrence Mooney and Fiona O'Loughlin and must have looked like a maniac on the train giggling away. It was ****ing funny.
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    Don't we have this thread already

    The Cricketweb Podcast
    The Bugle
    Heavy Hands
    You're Welcome (Chael Sonnen)
    Less Perfect
    Sticky Wicket Cricket Podcast
    Freelance Cricket Club
    Geek and Friends
    Reverse Swept Radio
    Check out The Cricket Web Podcast!

    The Cricket Web Podcast #33 - I Just Wanna Talk About Vernon Philander


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    If only Kane Richardson had played some HK domestic cricket before his ODI debut.
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    The Hong Kong Blitz is better than the IPL.

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    This particular one? I'd say no, as I just created it.

    One on podcasts is possible however. I did a search, and it was a cluster**** to be honest.

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    Part of the Problem
    The Jason Stapleton Program
    The Tom Woods Show
    Contra Krugman
    Something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard

    They are the main ones. Listen to the CW podcast when they do it, same with the TRFC one.
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    RIP Craigos. A true CW legend. You will be missed.

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    Unmade Podcasts is my favourite right now. It's a podcast about ideas for other podcasts.

    Others I like

    The Weekly Planet - geeky film/tv news and chat
    Hello Internet - two internet types talk about stuff. Now impenetrable to new listeners
    Eggchasers - Rugby talk
    Ask Me Another - silly quiz show
    Mystery Hour - edited talk radio in which people attempt to ask/answer ungooglable questions
    Welcome to Night Vale - not sure there's a good explanation for this
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    Hardcore History - Dan Carlin.
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    Co optional podcast: Video games n stuff
    Giant Bombcast/Beastcast: As above
    Dan Carlin- Hardcore History: I don't even actually listen to what he's saying half the time but his voice is a relaxing way to while away time on long flights
    My dad wrote a porno: Son doing a full reading of a series of ****** novels written by his father
    Welcome to Nightvale: Podcast presented as a fictional radio show set in a fictional town. It's trippy.
    Solomonster sounds off: Wrasslin
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    Podcast listening has died off recently as I'm not cycling to work in this weather

    Usual list for me is a mix of
    No Such Thing as a Fish
    Page 94 (Private Eye podcast
    Distraction Pieces
    The Comedians Football podcast
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    Quote Originally Posted by Son Of Coco View Post
    The Jim Jefferies Show.
    If you like that, you should check out Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast.
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    I am proud of this post.

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    There's deffo a thread about this that maybe Pratyush made.

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    Bill Burr's
    Stuff you should know

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    Comedy Bang Bang is still the king. The latest episode with Neil Patrick Harris was just wonderful.

    Shame the majority of past episodes are behind the paywall now.

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    the line
    Tim Ferriss
    Guys we ****ed
    Hardcore history
    Henry Rollins
    We Have Concerns
    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy Neesham
    Root always sets up the innings well. It's nice having BJ down the order to finish the innings off.
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    the line
    Quote Originally Posted by SillyCowCorner1 View Post
    Stuff you should know
    great for comedy value when they venture completely out of their depth. The episode on Maori culture had me in stitches.

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    I fall asleep to Neil Wagner's roars
    not really a podcast but ive recently been looking into extra history and they're very well done, in the bite sized mold of crash course

    i still maintain mike duncan is the greatest historical podcaster by a very long way. His History of Rome is just amazing.
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