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Thread: The discrimination thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    India is horrible at it. Beautifully open racism, casteism, sexism. It's nicer when it's not subtle imo.
    it is beautiful and nice if you are an upper-caste (hindu) fair-skinned north indian are at the top of the chain, sort of like an apex predator...not so nice when you go down that chain...

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    U19 Debutant vitalogy83's Avatar
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    Having now lived in Aus, in Sydney for nearly 10 years, I can say I am afraid of some Lebanese people specially around Paramatta. They just seem to be very aggressive in nature and as I am a pretty laid back, peace loving sorta fella they get me worried. Whenever I see some jacked up guys driving a dropped car in a car park I make sure they get their parking spot.

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    Vitalogy,the parking thing is normal.
    In Wollongong,which is 200 thou,when I saw a gang of boys,no matter what colour,I would cross the street as to not cross their path.
    I think its just looking out for yourself.Self preservation.
    Lucky we have few if at all any gangs in Coota.
    On Lebanese,I found the same with Moaris at school,generally they liked to fight and I was going to say my P's and Q's to them,and respect who they were.BTW this was when I was in Brisbane,and it was a westy kind of school.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daemon View Post
    I get where you're coming from but to me if you say no Indians flat out and disregard whether the actual person behind the skin colour is going to be a good tenant or not, you are by definition being racist.
    well yea, it's literally racist, but it's not the same as the subtle, subconscious bias and stereotyping that happens in the western world. It's more open and out there, and as such seems easier to deal with in a way. You know why they're racist, you know what you can do to address it, and once you have they're not racist anymore. I don't think you can do that in the Western world because the reasons that drive their racism aren't as well defined, or as openly spoken about. It's more hidden, nuanced, complicated, unclear. You aren't really sure what it is you got to say and do before they stop looking at you as being different from them. And to me, that's a lot harder to deal with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Prince EWS View Post
    If only Kane Richardson had played some HK domestic cricket before his ODI debut.
    Quote Originally Posted by S.Kennedy View Post
    The Hong Kong Blitz is better than the IPL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adders View Post
    All apples are created equal in the eyes of god.
    Apparently not .... because the apples on the tree of knowledge was baaaad.
    "The presence of those seeking the truth is infinitely to be preferred to the presence of those who think they’ve found it."

    "I have neither the time nor crayons to explain it to you...."

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    Quote Originally Posted by vitalogy83 View Post
    I lived in Singapore for a few years and most rental ads strictly say "No Indian" Being Sri Lankan I often get lumped with the Indians (something a lot of Sri Lankan's don't particularly like to begin with)

    I found this open racism quite strange..I think it was the first time I've experienced anything that to be honest. But the more I lived there I more I learned that most Singaporean Chinese are generally racist towards the Indians and look down on them due to the lower level of their economic circumstances..Yet somehow when they are doing well they all get along.
    I hear you, vitalogy83. CW is very cosmopolitan, but noted poster nightprowler10 still gets **** on for being Sri Lankan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Athlai View Post
    If GI 'Best Poster On The Forum' Joe says it then it must be true.
    Athlai doesn't lie. And he doesn't do sarcasm either, so you know it's true!

    'You will look very silly said Mr Salteena with a dry laugh.
    Well so will you said Ethel in a snappy tone and she ran out of the room with a very superier run throwing out her legs behind and her arms swinging in rithum.
    Well said the owner of the house she has a most idiotick run.'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shri View Post
    Meh, I have spent 27 years in India and can easily say that the place is racist as ****. But its still home and you can't hate home completely though, even if you hate certain qualities of it.

    My current boss is an Asian immigrant and is not bad. My manager is turkish australian and he's a buddhist and is an awesome guy. My other two colleagues are Italian and Thai and they are swell as well. Maybe I need to spend more time here to see any of that infamous aussie racism. But until now, it has been a great place to live in.
    I’m glad you’ve had a positive experience so far mate.

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    Or maybe it has been subtle and has all flown over my head.

    Nah, hated being away from home within India in other states because I don't know the hindi language. This is really great given that I can communicate with everyone much better.
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    "Still waiting for bole trekking Marayyye". Keep Kumar up in the third umpires box please,its hilarious. Him almost screwing up a DRS referral a definite highlight.
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    Ashwin is like one of those paintings whose eye always follows you around the room. He'd be hell in a court room. The judge and the witness would always think he's lookong at both of them at the same time.
    Quote Originally Posted by honestbharani View Post
    You are basically saying he would have made an amazing lawyer. :)
    Quote Originally Posted by Burgey View Post
    No im saying he's partly cross-eyed.

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