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Thread: Podcasts, Radio, YouTube and other Media

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    Podcasts, Radio, YouTube and other Media

    Listing by DCYE and some others of the podcasts they subscribe to made me think of this thread.

    A place to talk about various podcasts, radio channels, YouTube channels etc one subscribes to.

    Which radio channels do you listen to? Searching for a few having good 1. classic rock 2. Indian classical music. Thanks.

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    Barely listen to radio, but YouTube channels take up a lot of my free time.

    Gaming : Totalbiscuit for his pc port reports which are really useful as a buyer's guide for pc games , Raycevik for his X years later series, Jim Sterling for some mindless but amusing rants, Zero Punctuation for low effort bite sized humor, and LazyGameReviews for Retro games, etc.

    Movies : Mark kermode, RedLetterMedia, Every Frame a Painting, JeremyJahns( I know I know, he's terrible but I find him kinda amusing at times)

    Wrestling : Wrestling with Wregret, Bryan and Vinny, Solomonster ppv reviews

    Other random channels :

    Primitive Technology... Just a guy building stuff on his own for half an hour. It's some of the most oddly soothing content available on YouTube.

    Great War channel ... Basicaoly does what the name says

    VSauce. Lots of easy to get into educational videos
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    Just give it a little tappy, a little tap tap-aroo.
    Some of my favourite Youtube channels:

    bill wurtz (did the history of the world video and has a good one on Japan as well)
    kaptainkristian (random topics: Toonami, Gorillaz, Futurama, etc. production quality is always on point)
    Every Frame a Painting (hasn't uploaded anything in 8 months)
    DouchebagChocolat (hilarious anime review guy. not active either)
    Tim Pool (independent journalist)
    Philip DeFranco (news)
    RedLetterMedia (films)
    Boogie2988 (Games related. Just like the guy)
    PressHeartToContinue (best girl)
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    history of rome by mike duncan and many a true nerds gaming channel are what im into atm
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    Hehe - of course :D
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    u and ure eleven cricket balls........
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    HEHE :D

    You can finish up with a lot more ;)
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    Quote Originally Posted by dontcloseyoureyes View Post
    2 Guys 1 Cup AFL Podcast
    8-4 Play
    Axe of the Blood God
    Back in My Play
    Bodega Boys
    CBS Fantasy Baseball Today
    CBS Fantasy Basketball Today
    CBS Fantasy Football Today
    Dunc'd On Basketball Podcast
    Fantasy Footballers
    Football Weekly
    FOX FOOTY Podcast
    Giant Bombcast
    Idle Thumbs
    Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast
    Player One Podcast
    RealGM Radio
    RPGFan's Random Encounter
    RPGFan's Retro Encounter
    Russillo and Kanel (Entirely for the sporadic Russ-Solo Podcasts)
    Something the Wrestle With
    Talking Simpsons
    Bill Simmons Podcast
    The Fantasy Guru Podcast
    The Game Podcast
    The Giant Beastcast
    The Lowe Post
    The Starters
    True Hoop
    What Happened When

    These are all the ones I'm subscribed to at the moment. There used to a be a lot more video game ones but these are the ones I stick to these days, and I tend to skip at least one of the Giant Bomb ones every week. I used to listen to a lot more ESPN and IGN Pods back in the day (7-8 years ago) but most of them don't exist anymore, or are bastardised versions of themselves.
    Quote Originally Posted by indiaholic View Post
    Full Subscription List:
    50 Things That Made The Modern Economy
    99% Invisible
    All Songs Considered
    BBC Radio 4 Analysis
    Cricket Sadist Hour
    Dan Carlin's Hardcore History
    Do Go On
    Fights Gone By
    Freakonomics Radio
    Futility Closet
    Heavy Hands
    History of Philosophy in India
    Imaginary Worlds
    In Our Time
    London School of Economics: Public Lectures and Events
    Macro Musings
    More or Less: Behind the Stats
    Myths and Legends
    Planet Money
    More Perfect
    Slate Money
    Song Exploder
    The Allusionist
    The Cricketweb Podcast
    The History of India Podcast
    The Howie Games
    The Memory Palace
    The Naked Scientist
    The New Yorker Poetry
    The Steve Austin Show
    The Steve Austin Show - Unleashed
    The Weekly Planet
    Word of Mouth
    WTF with Marc Maron
    You Are Not So Smart

    Listen to the MMA ones regularly.. The rest are all if I find something interesting.
    Quote Originally Posted by Spikey View Post
    I subscribe to the Observer every now and then, based on whether it'll be a big month. it's not really worth keeping the subscription going all year unless you're seriously keen. The best bits always find their way online anyway. There's 3 WOR's a week, after Raw, after Dave publishes the newsletter on Thursday arvo (our time) and at the end of the weekend. Then there's bonus ones if there's just been a big PPV (WWE/UFC/NJPW), And then there's other shows (Bryan and Vinny, Observer Live, etc) but I never listen to them

    I used to listen to regularly. 3 LA comedians so there's a pretty good mix of humour and wrestling talk, but I've basically stopped, same with Jonomonster. I'll sometimes listen to the Voices of wrestling flagship podcast if I've got 3 hours to spare. Funnily enough in the ep I just listened to they kinda summed up the problem I currently have with the wrestling podcasts, which is they're WWE centric (which isn't a bad thing) and all the matches they're recapping, excluding the bray wyatt ones, are perfectly fine, they're decent to good matches, it's pretty rare you get a stinker, but there's just nothing to talk about booking wise because you know, it's just pointless, Vince does whatever he wants based on whatever takes his fancy that day, so it's truly just a recap show and then you're speculating if (x) is in the dog house because they've done a job or whatever. It's just not really worth analysing or thinking too much about. Dave's speculation is at least worth listening to though.

    Anyway, best of the super juniors fixtures have been released. First night (May 17th) is stacked, of course, two of the best rivalries in recent years kicking things off: Hiromu Takahashi vs. Dragon Lee & Will Ospreay vs. Marty Scurll. If Takaahashi and Ospreay both win, I suspect they're not dropping any matches until they face off on the last night of their pool.

    They've also uploaded the awesome match between Takahashi and Dragon Lee from Feb. I tried to listen to the English commentary but...

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    i tend not to subscribe to too many as I only tend to listen on my commute (so about an hour and a half a day), and thats when I'm cycling, which isn't every day. Tend to pick up the Radio 4 comedies (News Quiz, Just a Minute), No Such Thing as a Fish, and Richard Herrings Leicester Sq Podcast.

    Also slight plug, but a friend of mine is launching his own online radio called Primordial Radio. Were talking a decent level of radio here, not cheap ass pirate stuff - he and his mates used to be the DJ's for Real XS up here, then Team Rock (run by the guys behind Metal Hammer/Planet Rock magazine) before the company behind it went into Admin...they've already raised 100k towards the set up costs, and probably chucked the same amount in out of their own pocket. At the moment they've been running a podcast on the process behind it all. Makes a great insight into a bunch of drunks setting up a new business with **** all experience, learning what they need to actually operate as a functional company - so yeah, give that a listen if you like decent music, have any desire to ever start a business, or like hearing a Yorkshireman make lots of star wars jokes whilst his Canadian mate swears a lot
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    The ones I listen to regularly:


    Retrogaming: John Hancock, Pat NES Punk (has two podcasts), MetalJesusRocks, 8-Bit Eric, John Riggs
    Toys: Madhunter (Great Mexican Toy hunter)
    Sports Cards: IscaFan (old guy who loves his vintage baseball cards), NYYanksFan7

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    stupid sexy freddie
    The Arseblog Arsecast, is the only one I regularly listen to. Consistently high quality and with great guests seemingly every week.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jono View Post
    True, a Duffer "heh" is like 50 likes.

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    Train by day Joe Rogan podcast by night. All day.

    Also there is this awesome cricket one that these guys on this forum run...

    Played Stumped - best online cricket management MMORPG on the web:

    Listen to the CricketWeb Podcast!

    Quote Originally Posted by Prince EWS View Post
    If only Kane Richardson had played some HK domestic cricket before his ODI debut.
    Quote Originally Posted by S.Kennedy View Post
    The Hong Kong Blitz is better than the IPL.

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    The Jason Stapleton Program
    Part of the Problem
    This is Tranmere
    CW Podcast
    Davos' Fingers
    Hardcore History
    The Tom Woods Show

    These make up the crux of my playlists.

    EDIT - will be checking Rogan out tonight as it has Michael Malice on. He's a bloke worth listening to if you're interested in North Korea.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GIMH View Post
    Hardcore History
    I don't know how to feel about this one. I listen to Carlin too, but I don't think I actually listen to him half the time. Seems like I tune in and out in the middle of those 4 hour marathon shows and it's likie a soothing voice in my ear rather than me actually taking in what he's saying.
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    I've only listened to the 'Blueprint for Armageddon' series, WW1 & 2 both fascinate me so I've enjoyed it so far. The first episode was the best though - always felt the causes of WW1 are the most interesting part.

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    Prophets of Doom is outstanding.

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    Melbourne, Australia
    Triple M Footy
    NBA Lockdown
    Grade Cricketer
    Titus & Sergio's Variety Hour
    Outer Sanctum
    2 Guys 1 Cup
    Crunch Time (SEN)
    Off The Bench (SEN)
    Ringer NBA Show
    The Sounding Board
    Bill Simmons
    Santo, Sam & Ed's Total Football Podcast
    Is It On? (Buzzfeed Aus politics podcast)

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    the guy's trash bro
    Quote Originally Posted by GIMH View Post
    I've only listened to the 'Blueprint for Armageddon' series, WW1 & 2 both fascinate me so I've enjoyed it so far. The first episode was the best though - always felt the causes of WW1 are the most interesting part.
    The American Peril is a great single ep one. Who knew Teddy Roosevelt was so crazy

    at this point, the only ones I'm consistently listening to are these 3 comedy ones, from very much the same ecosystem in LA

    Hollywood Handbook
    Comedy Bang Bang

    Brad McNamara ‏@bbuzzmc
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