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Thread: How old do you feel?

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    How old do you feel?

    I'm 23 and would say I feel about 18.

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    Depends what time of day it is, how long it is since I took my medication and the likelihood of Ashwin having to miss the last two Tests
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    It's largely contingent on how much I've drunk the night before and the proximity of reflective surfaces.
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    I'm 30. Mentally, I still feel pretty young. I've definitely matured emotionally past my youth but in terms of things I enjoy doing I'd say I'm still in my "youth". I go to at least one concert a month, I still stay up to all hours of the night every night etc. Working nights at the moment hasn't helped my mental maturation. Honestly, despite my obvious shortcomings as a human I really like the person I've become. I used to be an emotional rollercoaster who based my happiness on whether I had someone else to prop it up, but now I've definitely grown into a person who determines his own happiness and is quite comfortable with who he is.

    Physically, I feel much older than I am. I have tendonitis in my right achilles and my left ankle is busted as well with frequent pinched nerves after over a decade of rolled ankles. I have a permanently broken scaphoid bone in my left wrist which is in good condition still but the arthritis is coming. My eyesight is getting blurrier by the day and I do notice my hearing is iffy (though that could be all the metal and hardcore gigs I go to, but I wear band-quality earplugs so I doubt it). I also get frequent back spasms and get lower back discomfort after lifting basically anything of consequence. My right shoulder is a bit off as well, I partially dislocated it last year and its been a bit sore ever since. Only flares up after cricket though haha. A good 15 years of sport and getting the **** smashed out of me in metalcore/hardcore pits have really aged me haha.

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    Do you still feel younger than you thought you would be now?

    I've barely even started feeling old yet
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    Got63 on the weekend and currently feel 885 years old. Can barely walk

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    Feel a couple of years younger after I bust my ass in the gym for a month or two every time. But then I look at the mirror and say, "Who the **** am I kidding? It's over."
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