Hi everyone, My name is Jason and I am a 35 year old cricket fan, my favourite form is cricket is T20's. That is why I am in the process of making a T20 cricket manager game but i am short of funding.
I don't expect anyone to donate but I really want to get the word out so sharing is caring (facebook, twitter etc).
The kickstarter campaign is at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects...ricket-manager
website is T20 Empire - Cricket Simulation - Cricket Manager - Online Cricket Manager - Online t20 cricket manager - online 20 20 cricket manager
and Facebook is https://www.facebook.com/T20Empire

Sorry if I broke any rules by advertising or anything I am just excited to get this game up and running.

A little about the game;
You are in a league with 9 other people in the world, so a 10 team league and you play 1 game a day so thats a 18 game regular season and then the top 4 play in the finals. At the end of the season you draft 5 players from the Acadamy Draft to build your T20 Empire. The draft is like the NBA/NFL so the previous season champions get the 10th pick and the wooden spooners get the #! pick.
A season will last about 20-21 days for a cost of around $5 a season, the leagues will start in 1980 and end whenever (year 3000?). There is an option for free leagues which run for 3 seasons then they reset.