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Thread: What are you drinking right now?

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    Soda water and coffee. Settling in for the long dull haul.
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    Emerson's Bookbinder - 500ml bottle. Great stuff.
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    Hot, sweet lemon tea.

    Quote Originally Posted by Samuel_Vimes View Post
    Soda water and coffee. Settling in for the long dull haul.
    Do you drink the soda before or after? I am guessing it's before, but have never come across this combo before.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fredfertang View Post
    Heavy night?
    Nah just first thing in the morning always need it

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    Normal Coffee
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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Hot, sweet lemon tea.

    Do you drink the soda before or after? I am guessing it's before, but have never come across this combo before.
    First coffee while it's hot, and soda between to quench thirst.

    This is partly because Germans don't believe in the concept of non-carbonated mineral water likes this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adders View Post
    Ok, you gotta explain this to is Pepsi any more convenient than any other drink that comes in a can/bottle???

    Just cracked my first Stella for the evening (does 5.30pm count as evening or do I have a problem??) Will be a quiet Friday night though as working tomorrow morning.
    Indoors, I don't mind juice, but outdoors, I kind of find the smell odd when I am drinking it. Then there's the hassle of feeling like there's sugar stuck to your throat after you finish the drink. All the other Sodas are as convenient as Pepsi but I find pepsi better. The only drink that I would prefer more is Vita Coco (Coconut Water) but that's is very expensive out here. Also: the time when I drink these drinks is mostly at noon when its hot as hell, so yeah.

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    I don't understand how Pepsi can be liked. The taste is just awful. Am a Coca Cola person.

    Any ways, had 120 ml of Antiquity Rare. Was available surprisingly cheap in a posh restaurant. 2 dollars approx for 60 ml. One of 8-10 drinks they had offers on. Always good to check those offers on the table.

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    Ginger ale
    And smalishah's avatar is the most classy one by far Jan certainly echoes the sentiments of CW

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    Still diet coke... sigh

    Couple of cans of dark fruit cider in the fridge too.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by cpr View Post
    Still diet coke... sigh
    I noticed while I was back in the UK that a lot of people were still drinking Diet in Oz it's practically been wiped out by Coke Zero. Is there any reason why Coke Zero isn't as popular in the UK?
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    Coopers Dark Ale. Best beer in Australia.
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    Spent all night drinking vodka/whiskey and coke. ****ing state of me. likes this.
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