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Thread: Time travel thread

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    Time travel thread

    Anyone tried it?

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    No. But considered starting a porn thread once.
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    I'm doing it in a couple of weeks when I visit the southwest for a family holiday
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    I went to the Isle of Wight for one of my honeymoons

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    I've been doing it for the last week. Yesterday, I visited yesterday, and tomorrow I am booked in for tomorrow.

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    Actually, I am, because they wont get to read it for another 20 years.

    What a hole.....

    The sea front still has parts of the dilapadated old theme park still rusting 20 years after it closed, the best clothes shop they have is Oxfam, the car hire company is merely a side business of the motorbility scooter shop.

    You know a place is the pits when the most interesting thing to happen is the Grim Reaper getting arrested
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