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Thread: President Tayyip Erdogan's power aspirations dented...

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    President Tayyip Erdogan's power aspirations dented...

    I always enjoy it when arrogant political pricks get cut down to size - especially the theocratic variety.

    Turkey votes amid debate on presidential system

    .....The conservative Justice and Development (AK) party, the ruling party since 2002 and formerly led by Erdogan, is aiming to attain a two-thirds majority in the 550-seat parliament.

    This will enable the party to change the constitution to replace Turkey's parliamentary system with a presidential system that provides the president with strong powers.

    Turkey votes amid debate on presidential system - Al Jazeera English
    Ruling party loses majority in Turkey elections

    The ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) has won Turkey's parliamentary polls, but lost its single-party government, according to the preliminary results released by Turkey's semi-official news agency.

    The country's pro-Kurdish left-wing Peoples' Democracy Party (HDP) crossed the country's unusually high 10 percent electoral threshold that affected the distribution of seats and, consequently, the power of the ruling party.

    The AK Party got 40.8 percent of Sunday's votes, while the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) scored 25 percent, with 99.94 percent of the votes counted, preliminary data from the Anatolia news agency showed.

    The Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) secured 16.3 percent of the votes, while the HDP won 13.1 percent.

    Some 54 million citizens were eligible to vote in the polls, with 86 percent of attendance rate, according to Anatolia's data.

    Anatolia's data suggested that the AK Party is set to secure 258 MPs, below the 276 seats necessary to form a single-party government in the 550-seat parliament. The CHP, MHP and HDP are projected to secure 132, 81 and 79 seats respectively.....

    Ruling party loses majority in Turkey elections - Al Jazeera English

    Turkey election: President Tayyip Erdogan's power aspirations dented after ruling AKP loses parliamentary majority

    Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan's hopes of assuming greater powers have suffered a serious blow with the ruling AK Party failing to win an outright majority in a parliamentary election, official results show.

    The Islamic-rooted Justice and Development Party (AKP) won the most votes in Sunday's election but is likely to need to form coalition government, based on 98 per cent of votes counted.....

    Turkey election: President Tayyip Erdogan's power aspirations dented after ruling AKP loses parliamentary majority - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
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    His religious fervour is one of the less disagreeable aspects about him.

    Unreconstructed power-hungry thug, on the order of Putin except even dear Vlad doesn't make tacit alliances with ISIS with the aim of seeing Kurds get slaughtered. Delighted to see him get a whack.
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    I'm sure we'll see a balanced reaction from the lad as well. I'm sure he won't mind being taken down a peg or two at all.
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