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Thread: YouGov's Profiles of fans of different sports

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    YouGov's Profiles of fans of different sports

    This is for the UK though I am sure there is cross over to other countries. It highlights areas that distinguish fans of certain sports based on the reported data. Basically, these type of people are more likely to be found with these interests.

    It is fun to play with - the below are my interpretations of the information. The reason I didnt put it in the sports forum is that the profiles can be used for any activity.

    They certainly support stereotypes. My favourite are the MMA and boxing profiles. Both come from the same areas, work the same jobs, have the same finances - they live and work side by side, and both groups think the country is in a mess. To over simplify, the fascinating difference is that MMA fans looks to the political right to solve the problems and boxing fans look to the left.

    Cricket -- In England, a similar interest across the nation but a huge drop off in interest in Scotland. Works in insurance, consulting or finance. No strong political bias though follows politics, news and business events closely. Enjoys a good pork pie or steak and kidney pudding. Also follows football, golf and Rugby Union. Drives a Jag, follows Bumble and Swann on twitter but doesnt spend a lot of time either online or watching TV.

    WWE -- North of England, low disposable income, banks at the Halifax, watches American football, shops at Aldi, reads the Sun, enjoys heavy metal and video games, spends over 50 hours a week online, likes the Lord of the Rings movies and Jeremy Kyle, works in retail.

    Rugby Union -- South and West of England, high disposable income, banks at NatWest, spends very little time online, shops at Waitrose, watches cricket and, perhaps surprisingly, Rugby League, reads the Telegraph and Private Eye, favourite film is Zulu and favourite TV shows are Dad's Army and Lewis, works in areas such as military or engineering.

    Tennis -- Young females from professional families but with low disposable income of their own. From London, work in the entertainment industry and also enjoy athletics and the Olympics. Drives a VW and loves Strictly Come Dancing and Titanic.

    MMA -- Northern construction worker, strong right political bias and very low disposable income. Loves curry, video games and sports wear. Torrents everything, watches the Inbetweeners, Simpsons and Family Guy.

    Football -- Left leaning Northern English male in non-professional job. Enjoys chips and curry sauce as well as a roast dinner. Wears Ben Sherman. Loves football, football, football, with cricket a distant fourth. Favourite TV show is Match of the Day. Reads the Sun and FOURFOURTWO and watches a lot of TV. Listens to Oasis and Stone Roses.

    Formula 1 -- No real regional bias. Engineer or IT industry worker. Enjoys other sports but only follows major international championships. Drives an Audi and really loves desserts. Spends more time online than watching TV but enjoys Top Gear, Question of Sport and the News. Also enjoys live music.

    Golf -- Older Scottish professional man with a healthy disposable income and sits well to the right politically. Enjoys eating veal and kippers. Shops at Marks & Spencer, drives a BMW and wears Ralph Lauren. Loves old movies and Tony Bennett on the stereo. Reads the Daily Mail and doesnt spend a lot of time online or watching TV.

    Rugby League -- Northern English working class with moderate disposable income. Has a taste for Oxtail soup and Lancashire Hot Pot. Enjoys chess and model building. Wears Helly Hanson, drives a Vauxhall and shops at Aldi. In addition to Rugby League also enjoys lower level football, Rugby Union and T20 cricket. Works in manufacturing. Watches Mrs. Brown's Boys, reads Men's Health and spends more time watching TV than online.

    Table Tennis -- Middle class, reads the Independent, works in community and social care and enjoys soup and tofu. Disproportionately large consumer of skin care products and take healthy eating seriously.

    Darts -- Northern working class male who like a pork chop and also watches football, cricket, boxing, horse racing and snooker. Shops at ASDA, probably owns a dog and has an interest in celebrity culture and cars. Spends a lot of time online, watching TV and playing video games. Likes to bet and plays poker online

    Cycling -- Southern English engineers with high disposable income but not from professional families. Also enjoy hiking, sailing and skiing. Enjoys being active and both shops and banks at the Co-op. Reads the Guardian, spends a little time online but watches virtually no television.

    Boxing -- Relatively young Northern English male with left leaning politics. Works in construction and manufacturing. Enjoys DIY, cars and eats eggs, chips and beans. Watches boxing movies and listens to rap. Online for over 50 hours a week.

    Swimming -- Southern woman with limited finances but from a middle class background. Work in travel or healthcare industries. Drives a Smart car and watches a lot of children's TV and movies. Family is important and doesnt have much time for either TV or internet for herself.

    Basketball -- Relatively young, left of center, low income males from London. Work in entertainment or interior design in disproportionate numbers. Heavily influenced by advertising. Enjoy American football, dancing and rap. Wear Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. Spend a lot of time online but watch little TV.

    Badminton -- Young men from working class backgrounds who now have white collar jobs. Enjoy 'trendy restaurants' when eating out but ordering pizza at home. Read the Independent and also enjoy playing squash. Online a lot and use Snapchat but watch little TV.

    Snooker -- Low income Northern men who watch a huge amount of TV and like to bet on sport. Enjoy a meat pie or a ham sandwich and also are partial to watching darts or golf. Likes to drink at Wetherspoon pubs.

    American Football -- Scottish from a blue collar background but with a few quid in his pocket and doesnt care what anyone thinks about him. Watches Rugby League, cricket and football and is a fan of Kevin Bridges. Spends a massive amount of time watching TV and online.
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    see, the way they're described there makes me think i dislike all of them
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    Interesting stuff. Joe Rogan having an actual influence it seems.
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