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Thread: CW51 - Albums - No. 9

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    CW51 - Albums - No. 9

    9. The Stones Roses – The Stone Roses

    1. I Wanna Be Adored
    2. She Bangs the Drums
    3. Waterfall
    4. Don't Stop
    5. Bye Bye Badman
    6. Elizabeth My Dear
    7. (Song for My) Sugar Spun Sister
    8. Made of Stone
    9. Shoot You Down
    10. This Is the One
    11. I Am the Resurrection

    Points: 101
    Votes: 6

    Possibly the greatest album with the most obvious flaw ever made.

    It is hard to exactly classify it or pinpoint a style of the eponymous debut of The Stone Roses; such is the eclectic nature of it. What is easy to identify from the start, however, is that it is very good.

    The keys to this were John Squire on lead guitar who has a knack for simple and exceedingly catchy riffs, as well as Mani who does fine work on bass. Reni is a truly superb drummer and Ian Brown formed a songwriting partnership par excellence with John Squire.

    I Wanna be Adored starts things off very quietly before gradually building into the perfect opening track and by the time I am the Resurrection rolls around the listener has enjoyed a collection of bona-fide classics with nary a skippable moment, with She Bangs the Drums and This is the One being particular highlights.

    Despite having only ever released two studio albums, one of which was comparatively poorly received, The Stone Roses are still regularly cited in these kinds of countdown lists for greatest bands. That alone says enough for the importance and quality of this record.

    The album bristles with the arrogance of youth throughout (“Kiss me where the sun don’t shine / the past was yours the future’s mine”). This didn’t quite turn out to be true - if Second Coming was perhaps treated overly critically, it still didn’t come close to matching up to its predecessor – but it didn’t really matter.

    And neither did it matter that Brown couldn’t really sing.

    Write-up by Tom Halsey
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    Thought Halsey was exclusively a hip hop fan tbh. Good write up though. (Y)
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    Snuck into my list at 24 (very much a beneficary of me limiting myself to 2 albums per artist), decent album, but I've never understood why it gets the high praise it always does, just lacks a bit of substance for mine
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    Narrowly missed out on mine. IIRC I only enjoyed about half the album. May have made it if Fools Gold was on the original track list.

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    So far 10 and 9 are from two of the bands I consider to be very much overrated...
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