What is more glamorous tin cricket than seeing a destroyer like Chris Gayle charging at a delivery? Could we afford to miss, Pollard on action? Caribbean cricketers are loved all over the world. Whatever they do mimics a rock star. They shine in T20 leagues around the globe. What would you get if you put every Caribbean cricketer from various IPL teams into one team? You get the T20 squad of West Indies. And if we put more of their kind and make a league that would be the same as CPL. Such is the amazing glamour of this league.
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Caribbean Premier Leagues are always famous for the fancy bats, big hits and the associated glamour. The dance and celebrations and the Caribbean culture is irresistible. For fact CPL has taken T20 to a complete new level for the first time once. With Kevin Peterson joining CPL this year, it has been looked up by cricket fans all over the world. Khan TV allows you to watch the live action from any part of the globe. The site brings the service free of cost but doesnít compromise of its quality. There are no cheap monetization with bugging surveys and installation offers.