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Thread: Game of Thrones TV Show (no book spoilers allowed)

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    Quote Originally Posted by GIMH View Post
    Yeah I enjoyed AFFC

    I would also disagree with doing the Feast/Dance reading order for a first read through. There are gains, but also losses when you do that. For me it’s best left for the re-read
    What would be the losses? IMO that’s how it was “meant” to be. Plus, if you hate the Brienne and Jaime chapters you still have Jon or Arya interspersed- or vice versa. The story really crackled when I did it that way and I felt it had forward momentum all the way through - which i DID NOT feel when I read AFFC and then waited six years to read ADWD with the story starting off at the same time AFFC started.
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    I've always known that reading order as a Ball of Beasts. Did much prefer it that way.
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    - Democracy vs Feudalism (and now Daeny's fascism) has always been the political point of the show so obviously they needed to bring that to a conclusion. And with nothing having been even halfway subtle for the past 5 seasons, it was always going to be very explicitly stated. Christ it was painful though.

    - Tyrion has been ****ing annoying for ages and I also blame the actor too. He's been overacting this stuff for ages. Chill dude, not every single word needs to be dripping with passion.

    - Honestly I always thought Kit Harington acted the part very well. I never got the criticism of him and I think he's done pretty darn well with some atrocious material this last season.

    - Ygritte>>>>>>>>>Daeny and that's probably a life lesson there somehow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OverratedSanity View Post
    She's Muh queen

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    Liked the ending. Not perfect but nod as bad as Mass Effect 3.
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    Was the bloke sat between Sam and Edmure (during the bit whree Bran is picked as the new King) Howland Reed?

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    Think he was just random lord, possibly one of Edmure's bigger bannermen. Might even have been representing the Westerlands

    edit: IMDB just has him as 'Riverlands Lord'
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shri View Post
    Liked the ending. Not perfect but nod as bad as Mass Effect 3.
    Maybe the night king indoctrinated everyone at Winterfell and everything after that was a dream and HBO will release the actual ending later.
    Quote Originally Posted by TNT View Post
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    Has anyone else found it weird that most fans find Olly the kid to be some sort of monster and that they absolutely loathe him?

    I mean I put myself in his shoes and I can guarantee that I'll do the exact same thing he did, I'll probably stab Jon a few extra stabs for good measure tbf. The kid saw his whole family murdered and killed by the wildlings. There's no uniting for the good of the world from his perspective. His world has already ended.

    Is it because he killed the good looking red head? Because that was justified before even getting to the fact that she killed his father.
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