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Thread: Volunteering Overseas

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    Volunteering Overseas

    With nearly 30,000 posts I thought I might get away with a plug..

    I was recently made redundant from my job and have started up a company aimed at matching potential GAP year (and older) volunteers with their dream posts and also offering them tailor made travel options in South Africa.

    I have recently been helping out at a volunteer project and found the conditions appalling. Big money was spent by the volunteers on substandard accommodation, people sleeping six to a dorm and standing up in the bus on the way to their posts as their was no space. They were offered no opportunities to get out of the volunteer house and actually see the country. Many were promised different things by agents back home and they were left disappointed by the experience they found when they got here. For people who actually want to work for nothing and provide a service and a benefit to the country, I thought I could do something to change the situation.

    I'm asking if anyone on here has any experiences of volunteer/travel years away and what your main concerns were. I have just started the company and want to make sure it is perfect before we have our first intake.

    My unique selling point, in a saturated market, is that we only accommodate two volunteers at a time, and everything is personalized, from their meals, to exactly where and how they want to spend their weekends away, as well as providing transport and accommodation that completely beat anything else here for our price range.

    The work volunteers will be doing center around working in a local care home for abused and destitute kids, as well as being a teaching assistant at a local school.

    Let me know if you or people you know would be keen to get involved.
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    great initiative mate, I won't be able to get involved but good luck with it
    And smalishah's avatar is the most classy one by far Jan certainly echoes the sentiments of CW

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    On a sort of related note, don't go to volunteer in south east asian countries. Most of them are scams.

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    singa fd is not a scam daemon
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    Nice initiative. Hope it goes well for you.

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