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Thread: a place for wind (bag) essays OR an ATG ATG thread

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    never had possum or emu. forgot about croc, only ever had that in port douglas in a pie. chickeny. roo way down the list
    Quote Originally Posted by sledger View Post
    I just love all kinds of balls.

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    roos like bernie vince, can be very very good, usually pretty bad.
    The sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament.

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    I've never tried Possum, don't even recall ever seeing it on a menu before.

    I do like Croc and Emu though. i never crave them or anything though so would choose the more common meats before them normally.
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    Quote Originally Posted by morgieb View Post

    dont see yr name on it

    Brad McNamara ‏@bbuzzmc
    Will say this once and then nothing else. Defamation laws quite clear in careful.

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    Late to this but wtf

    Best roasts

    1. Lamb
    2. Pork
    3. Daylight
    3. Beef
    4. Chicken

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