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Thread: how did you get into cricket foruming and cw?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fredfertang View Post
    So what you're really saying as that as one begins to suffer from erectile dysfunction one posts more - I dare say that is why thee and me have relatively low post counts
    Can confirm. I can only distract myself for so long after my 1.73 posts per day.
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    Probably googled 'cricket forum' or something in 2007.

    Disappeared (thankfully) because 2007/08 me was an incredibly dire poster (yeah, yeah, nothing's changed etc.)

    Showed up again probably around late 2010 or something because why not, and used CW as a great method of procrastinating the HSC. It continues to serve me well at Uni.

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    My interest in cricket spiked after my interest in AFL plummeted, so I needed an outlet and I found it after a quick google search. For some reason I didn't post for about 6 months after my first but I'm quickly making up for lost time. Tis good fun to watch cricket and post in match threads at the same time, plus like Dan I find it an excellent procrastination tool.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dawood Ahmad View Post

    Hamish, no body knows even name of him
    But Ponting, there's great fame of him

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    Googled "over the hill test cricket web forum"

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    Googled "cricket forum" and ended up wading through many steaming piles of **** forums and pretty much gave up. Then I googled "big wobblers" and ended up here.
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    man i wish i hadn't already given a story cause i have another ripper lined up

    something along the lines of
    >preparing to rub one out
    >googled 'virat kohli nude bukkake anal porn'
    >found jono's posting history
    brad mcnamara

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    the line
    came in the front door, james must've left it unlocked
    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy Neesham
    Root always sets up the innings well. It's nice having BJ down the order to finish the innings off.
    Exit pursuing a beer

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    I was introduced to CW forum through World Club Cricket which unfortunately is not running anymore.
    Cricketweb Colts Captain

    Quote Originally Posted by Richard
    Hayden > Lehmann
    I'm a member of Club Kerry

    I'm Green

    The color of immortality, nature and envy - you are truly a unique person. While clearly the color of nature, you also symbolize rebirth, fertility and hope in the world. On the other side of the spectrum, a natural aptitude to money with green coming to signify money and possibly even *********!

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    I can't remember. I used to chat cricket on the Sports Interactive boards but I think I wound up here because I wanted a forum dedicated to cricket. Plus most of the cricket fans on the SI boards were spackers.

    Quote Originally Posted by Howe_zat View Post
    Come on Lancashire!
    Quote Originally Posted by Jono View Post
    Let it be known for the record that the font in the top of the picture noted that Kohli was wearing Jimmy Choo shoes and Happy Socks

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    Think it was because I spent one New Year so ill I couldn't do much bar sit with a bucket by my PC and play either Football Manager or ICC (bit like the rest of my time at uni, but with less booze and more sick). Was that bored in the house on my own (everyone else had gone home for New Year, but I'd stayed at the house) I needed people to talk to, and wanted to find some hints and tips on ICC - This place had the liveliest ICC section (think I signed up for PC around the same time, never use it though)
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    I'm permabanned from PC iirc.

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    The place was never the same once CW Richard stopped posting there tbf

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    I'll show ye!!
    Quote Originally Posted by NUFAN View Post
    I came back from Europe broke so I went back to live with my parents for a bit. I was really keen to save as much money as possible, so found it much easier to save by chatting about sport instead of going out. Cricket and Rugby League have always been my passion but it was the start of the League season in like 2006 so I found a league forum which I liked during the league year, but found the cricket thread on the site a little boring. Prince EWS was on that League site and mentioned CW, so yeah blame him.

    I googled "cricket forum" like others here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ausage View Post

    I googled "cricket forum" like others here.
    Nope, Rleague. I haven't been on there for years.

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    Googled the pic of Lara Bingle wearing batting pads at the SCG and ended up here.
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