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Thread: Old Computers

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    Old Computers

    We've just had a new IT system at work, so have about a dozen PC's, a server and associated hardware, less of course the hard discs - the stuff is about five years old - we've tried (albeit not all that hard) to give it away but no one seems interested - does anyone know of any UK based charities that deal with this sort of thing as I find it difficult to believe these aren't of use to anyone - we're based in Reading.

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    oh no they are going to throw away pews dad
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    Anyone got any ideas for old comps which they can't sell? Have an old desktop, about 512 RAM, 1600mhz proc (can't even remember if it's AMD or Intel tbh) and a small hard-drive. Don't want to just tip it, and there's not many places that recycle and local second hand stores are a bit funny about them. I'd be keen to put it to some use i.e. as a shared media centre for our studio so people can remotely play music or whatevz. Toying with the idea of putting Linux on it as well. Anyone got some bright ideas or distro soooooojeshjuns?
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