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Thread: Is 'Marge on the Lam' the best Simpsons ep?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NZTailender View Post
    Newer stuff is only **** compared to how good it was. Overall as something to watch compared to other TV shows I still greatly enjoy new Simpsons. Though there are some stinkers, like the Gaga one...
    I'd have said it's just ****, to be honest. That Family Guy thing where they drag crap gags out for a painful couple of minutes really grates.
    Quote Originally Posted by zaremba View Post
    The Filth have comfortably the better bowling. But the Gash have the batting. Might be quite good to watch.

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    The Colourphonics


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    New Simpsons sucks. However you can't say new anymore since its sucked for so long.

    Genuine fist pump whenever Fox 8 shows a 90s episode though.

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    can someone find a video of the Troy McClure/Dr Nick juice loosener that's in English for me?
    Quote Originally Posted by uvelocity View Post
    ^real tearjerker from this cock

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    Quote Originally Posted by Top_Cat View Post
    Yah true and ordinarily I'd say it's well past time to wrap things up but, ****, if it's still making everyone serious bank, why would you?
    Integrity, maaaaan.
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    I don't know, but its dark!!!!!
    Any list of the greatest Simpson's episodes would have to include Lisa's Wedding, Stark Raving Dad (with Leon Kompowski/Michael Jackson) and Homer At Bat (Lord Palmeston...... Pitt the Elder ........ LORD PALMESTON)

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoyBrumby View Post
    They're all moralising and sanctimonious tho. Dead Putting Society & Bart Gets Hit by a Car especially bad.
    The latter episode introduced Dr Nick and Lionel Hutz, so gtfo.

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    Lionel Hutz: The World's Greatest Babysitter - YouTube


    How this channel is still alive I've no idea
    Every 5 years we have an election and have to decide who are the least obnoxious out of all the men. Then one gets in and they age really quickly. Which is always fun to watch.

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