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Thread: New Year Resolutions

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    Don't be jealous of the Georgie Pie super smash
    I'll never abstain from alcohol - I only have 2-3 beers a month. if I was getting smashed once a week then I might think differently.
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    Nah I'll never give up, at least not until the day I'm told to do so by a doctor. I don't smoke, gamble, fool around with loose women, hell, a guy's got to have one vice. While I don't think that having a few beers on my days off makes me a bad person, I would always like to cut down. About 18 months ago I started keeping tabs on my alcohol intake and found I was getting through over 200 units a month - about 7 a day. Not good. Got that down by about a third now so closer to the Dept of Health guidelines that say that men shouldn't drink more than 28 units a week. Just wanna keep that going really.

    Happy New Year to our friends in Australia and NZ btw, not that any will be on CW at the moment, I would imagine.
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    Nahrp still at least one around. Had a quiet one in, there were no decent gatherings nearby to go to. Happy new years everyone
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    Learn all 6s and 9s in Scrabble in 2013. That's about 50,000 or so extra words to be know and be able to find.

    Other than that to be myself and have more fun. The Ashes should help.
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    Getting to be a fat **** again. Gotta do something about that this year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nightprowler10 View Post
    Getting to be a fat **** again. Gotta do something about that this year.
    Yeah, I want you looking like this, pronto:

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    My athletic goals are:

    1. Bowl at least 14 hours a week.
    2. Go to the gym three times a week
    3. Run/Cycle every day

    I don't see how i will get all these done alongside social/academic/work life but I sure as will give it a go.

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    I would advise against running every day - 5 a week is ample, you need recovery days.

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    1. Probably get a little fitter
    2. Keep on saving money for travelling at the end of the year
    3. Finish Uni

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