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Thread: Vile Comment

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    Vile Comment

    I have been civil throughout my exchange with the poster called Sanz, whilst he has been rude and is now calling me a terrorist sympathiser. This is an extremely ignorant and offensive comment. I am the one who doesn't believe in intimidation or violence. I have always been against any form of terrorism whether from TTP et al or the US drone attacks on civilians, whilst Sanz is OK with the civilian collateral damage caused by the drones, and yet I am the one who is being labelled as a Terrorist! I am sure other members of the forum can vouch that I have always been against the TTP. Just because I have been involved in a civil discussion, this guy labels me in the most heinous of ways.

    I hope the mods take note of his comment and remove it and ban him for such a disgusting comment. It's absolutely ridiculous that it has been tolerated thus far.

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    Regardless of the issue at hand here, there's no need to start a thread about something someone said in another thread when that thread is still going. If you want to reply to Sanz or defend the accusations, you can do it in the thread that exists, and if you think he's crossed the line then use the report function to bring the post to the attention of the mods. This thread isn't really needed either way so I'm going to close it.
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