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Thread: ***Official*** Shameless Promo/Whoring Thread

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    ***Official*** Shameless Promo/Whoring Thread

    Are you involved in something which you want to sell to people? Do you have good friends in a nascent business looking for just one chance to spruik their product so you can reap the sweet, sweet reflected glory? Then this thread is for you!

    My mate, Josh, has made a handy little program. The video is cute, he's a ripping man and a good operator and, ladies, he's single. Plus, the app itself is actually pretty good. I give it a minimum of 4/5 stars. Consider subscription!


    UNIorganiser - YouTube

    *serious face*

    Honestly, we're all inundated with ads, yeah? Hard to know which way to go on some things and I think personally knowing or being the people involved with a product means you're less likely to be ****ed over, hence the reason for this thread. For example, if you subscribe to the above package and have a problem, you can mention it to me and I'll personally text Josh and suggest he send a pic of himself rolling naked in cash because, ha ha, he already has your cash, enjoy your doom, etc.

    Thread rules

    1. Don't be a penis
    2. DON'T. BE. A. PENIS
    3. Srs gize, dnt be a pen15.
    4. Adhere without exception to rules 1-3.
    5. No bands (currently under review)
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    Asian kids don't need UNIorganiser. They have their parents for that. The only difference is, with Asian parents, a rest day is not an option.

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    No, but on a more serious note, seems like a useful app. Too bad I'm no longer in Uni.

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    I'll show ye!!
    Why should I participate in this thread if I'm not getting paid?
    Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity.

    Too many bones, not enough CASH!!

    RIP Craig

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