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Thread: Mi6 Test

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    Mi6 Test

    Bit lame, but worth a crack.

    Got 88%, but it's pretty simple. Missed two of the numeracy ones (CBF on a Sat night trying to work them out) and one from the first.

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    Got 100%. Crap test, especially the last part where they actually give you the dates LOL.

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    Missed one off the spot the difference, possibly because I was getting irked that they were two different pictures, taken from slightly different angles, and I couldn't circle the ENTIRE ****ING screen.

    The expenses numeracy question was dumb, as there were two hidden receipts that wern't included in the total, and no self respecting Civil Servant underdeclares his expenses (nor leaves out the ones for beer)

    TBF AN, I'd be worried with anything less than 90%, thats basically the equivalent of a AA's job!
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    They usually recruit the low scores

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