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Thread: Band Member Draft

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    I pick the Boss - Bruce Springsteen.

    So that's:

    Freddie (vocals/piano)
    Springsteen (vocals/guitar)
    Jeff Beck (Lead guitar)
    Paul Simonon (Bass)
    John Bonham (Drums)

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    So I thought about who to pick as my last pick. The obvious ones were either Liam Gallagher or Axl Rose but with Noel and Macca there, there'd be a fair few songs where they'd have nothing to do. Axl could play piano, but McCartney is slightly better at that anyway so it didn't seem worth picking him on that basis. So I thought I'd go for a frontman who can play guitar, giving me an extra option when needed, and someone who adds a bit of youth to keep Helder company, and with this pick I get some songs co-penned by my other favourite singer, Alex Turner.

    Therefore I pick my, to quote Brumby, new BFF, the Wirral Riddler Miles Kane.


    Miles Kane (vocals, guitar)
    Noel Gallagher (guitar, vocals)
    Izzy Stradlin (guitar, vocals)
    Paul McCartney (bass, vocals, guitar, ukelele, piano)
    Matt Helder (drums, vocals)

    They'd make a ****ing amazing album, which for me is the primary consideration, but I've seen Miles, Noel and Macca live and they all put amazing shows on so they'd be epic in that way as well.

    So I win the draft, thanks for playing.

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    OK lads thanks for playing. I am not sure we need to have voting as most people are happy with their own bands they drafted. However if anyone would like to comment on the bands that have been selected and who think is the best feel free (If anyone would prefer a dedicated voting thread please advise)

    Kurt Cobain (vocalist/guitarist)
    Eddie Van Halen (guitarist)
    Johnny Marr (guitarist)
    Flea (bassist)
    Dave Grohl (drummer)

    Elvis - lead vocals
    slash - lead guitar
    malcolm young - rhythm guitar - back up vocals
    commerford - bass
    lars - drums

    Alex Chilton (lead vocals, guitar)
    Ray Davies (vocals guitar)
    Pete Townshend (vocals, guitar)
    John Cale (vocals, bass)
    Ginger Baker (drums)

    Bon Scott (Vocals, Frontman)
    Jimmy Page (Rhythm Guitar)
    Angus Young (Lead Guitar)
    Roger Waters (Bass, backing vocals)
    Bill Ward (Drums, backing vocals)

    Roger Daltery - lead tuneful yelling
    Jack White - Filthy blues riffs and backing vox
    Omar Rodriguez Lopez - trippy ambient guitar effect noises and songwriting
    John Paul Jones - taking care of the low end
    Jon Theodore - One of the best drummers in the world, has all the chops but doesn't feel the need to remind everyone about it constantly.

    Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, Audioslave, Temple of the Dog, Solo career, Bond theme) - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar.
    Randy Rhoads (Ozzy Osbourne) - Lead Guitar.
    Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains, Solo career) - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals.
    Cliff Burton (Metallica: this, this, also this, and all of these) - Bass.
    Danny Carey (Tool - see this and this) - Drums.

    Sam Cooke (vocals)
    Keith Richards (guitar)
    Beck Hansen (doing whatever he wants)
    Jeff Ament (bass guitar)
    Jimmy Chamberlain (drums)

    Mark Lanegan (Vocals)
    Greg Dulli (Vocals, Rythm Guitar)
    Stone Gossard (Lead Guitar)
    Ben Shepherd (Bass)
    Matt Cameron (Drums)

    Jonathan Richman
    Lou Reed
    moe tucker
    Stirling morrison
    Doug Yule

    Bob Marley (vocals/guitar)
    Eric Claption (lead guitar/vox)
    Elton John (piano/high notes)
    James Jamerson (bass)
    Stuart Copeland (drums)

    Jeff Buckley: vox/guitar
    Jimi Hendrix: guitar/vox
    Jonny Greenwood: guitar
    John Entwistle: bass
    Reni: drums/backing vox.

    Freddie (vocals/piano)
    Springsteen (vocals/guitar)
    Jeff Beck (Lead guitar)
    Paul Simonon (Bass)
    John Bonham (Drums)

    Miles Kane (vocals, guitar)
    Noel Gallagher (guitar, vocals)
    Izzy Stradlin (guitar, vocals)
    Paul McCartney (bass, vocals, guitar, ukelele, piano)
    Matt Helder (drums, vocals)
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    2) See point 1.

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