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Thread: The Best Video Game Ever

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    Rock beats Scissors, iirc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dontcloseyoureyes View Post
    The only correct answer is Super Mario Bros. Without it, none of any of these games would exist in the way they do currently.
    SMB is an incredibly influential game. The greatest game of all time is always going to be an entirely subjective thing though because there's too much variance across genres and technological eras. How do you compare a platformer made in the mid 80s with a turn based strategy game made in 2011? No one will even be able to agree on what measurements should be used to define the greatest game of all time, let alone what game would take the prize if such a thing was possible.

    Anyway, my top 5 would be.

    Warcraft 3
    Civilization 4
    Quake 3
    Heroes of Might and Magic 3
    League of Legends (yeah I went there)

    Honorable mentions
    Diablo 2
    Street Fighter 2

    Probably forgotten a couple.
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    Final Fantasy VII


    Final Fantasy X
    GTA III & Vice City
    NHL 2004
    MVP Baseball 2004

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    Quote Originally Posted by ripper868 View Post
    Jonah Lomu Rugby - Best Game Ever - The Original circa 1998?, not the 2011 release

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    and for me, can't go past Crash Bandicoot 2 and 3. So simple, so brainless, so awesome. More recently I'd say Warcraft 3, Civilisation 4, or the Half Life 2 series. Not really a large scale gamer.
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    Would it be blasphemy to mention Fallout 3?

    The PES series for sporting games by a decent margin for mine.

    The Godfather, Bully and Batman: Arkham Asylum would make my top five.

    Obviously personal taste etc. but slightly surprised to not see a lot of recent games. Gaming is one of those things which has got better over time, in my opinion.
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    halo ce, zelda-oot and cosmo in some order are absolutely miles ahead of the competition for me.

    Of the others, diablo 2, nba hang time, mario kart, best of the rest, then the sims, mortal combat (sega), goldeneye, nba 2k series, minesweeper, hearts, commander keen, duck hunter, metal slug, [will try to think of others]

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    Hang time over Jam? Nahhh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uvelocity View Post
    too many, but don't get to play much now. best I couldn't begin to think

    gran turismo 1
    ea sports nhl series from the beginning
    doom 2
    secret of monkey island
    n64 goldeneye
    grand theft auto san andreas
    geoff crammond's grand prix and sequels
    aces over europe
    stunt car racer
    Hell to the yes.

    Secret of Monkey Island and the Grim Fandango... what games. Distinct memories from my childhood (says a 19yo)
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    Either Age of Mythology or Half Life 1 for mine.

    Honourable mentions to Ghost Recon Jungle Storm and Brian Lara Cricket 2005.
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    I loved monkey island 3.

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    Cricket games peaked with Brian Lara Cricket '99. I really wanted to like BLIC 2005 and 2007 but honestly they were terrible.
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    Bitch please, I'm from West Yorkshire
    Agree 2007 was terrible but 2005 was decent i thought.

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    I don't remember what BCL game it was but I played one on the PS2 which had challenger made i.e. reliving Sobers' 6 sixes, Sachin's debut, Botham's 149 etc., the game was not great but I really enjoyed playing challenger mode in that, my brother didn't like it half as much so cricket nerdom was probably involved in liking it that much.

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    That was 2005. I think that game is overrated because of the classic mode. You take that out and you get a pretty **** game, especially in Test matches.

    I've played every one of them from '99 to '10 (the last edition didn't get much burn from me) and honestly, '99 was probably the most fun to play. 2007 was fun to play online though. I don't think the last two were called BCL though.

    EDIT: Yep. '07 was Ashes Cricket and '10 was International Cricket.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Teja. View Post
    Would it be blasphemy to mention Fallout 3?
    Yes. It's like saying Mark Waugh's mum is the best Aussie batsman over the past 3 decades.

    Fallout 3 is beaten by Fallout 1, Fallout 2 and Fallout: New Vegas. Maybe even Fallout: Tactics.
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