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Thread: CW50 - The Bands Edition - Nos 30-21

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    So far the only one of my picks up is Pearl Jam - obv who I dumped at no 1

    However I own albums by 20 other bands, and seen 11 others live (Kasabian, Doves, Offspring, Killers, Artic Monkeys, Rage Against The Machine, Pixies, Foos, Muse, RHCP, Metallica)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flem274* View Post
    Might give the Pixies a spin. They sound gun.
    Quote Originally Posted by MW1304 View Post

    Doolittle, now!
    AWTA, Doolittle would be in my top 5 albums of all time.

    Phlegm, get listening to Debaser, Where is my Mind? (you might recognise that if you've ever seen Fight Club), Monkey Gone to Heaven, Here Comes Your Man and U-Mass to start with.

    Surprised they're that low, would have had Pixies at #2 if I'd actually voted...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burgey View Post
    Can't remember who I had where :-/
    I can tell you if ou actually want to know

    Quote Originally Posted by Axl Rose
    The internet is a big garbage can

    RIP Craigos. A true CW legend. You will be missed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpr View Post
    so far the only one of my picks up is pearl jam - obv who i dumped at no 1

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