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Thread: Work needed!

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    Work needed!

    Hi fellas,

    I moved out to the US last September (Minneapolis) and received my work permit a couple of months ago. Since then, apart from a few bits of freelancing, I've been unable to find work despite filing off loads of applications. I note that some of you on here are US based and wondered if you knew of anyone that could either provide me with, or put me in the direction of, contacts who are hiring in the field of market or social research. Failing that, a nudge in the direction of any short-term projects that involve: copy writing, editing, desk research, data analysis, report writing etc would be really, really helpful and greatly appreciated. Indeed, if there's anyone on CW who needs a hand with that area of work themselves, that'd be even better! "No job too big or small"

    Short-term, I'm just trying to put enough aside so that I can get back to Blighty for a couple of weeks in the summer!

    Cheers all

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    I opened this thread expecting a spambot and found a staff member.
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    ...yeah...what gives?

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