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Thread: Identity cards in the UK

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    Identity cards in the UK

    OK what do you people think of UK home secretary David Blunkett's proposal to introduce identity cards to the UK? He may have made some idiotic comments in his time but this a damn good idea. I think that people who have nothing to hide can enjoy this proposal as it better protects the society from the wrongdoers in the society. People can enjoy the benefits which they deserve. It should also help root out the unnecessary illegal asylum seekers in the UK. I can appreciate that people seek asylum if they are genuinely being persecuted in their country. But some of the 'economic' illegal asylum seekers give a bad stereotypical impression of the UK's ethnic communities to the English. If they are identified more effectively it should help send them back to their native countries and make Britain better for everyone. I may be a foreigner to the UK but I can understand English peoples' concerns about asylum seekers having priority for areas such as housing. After all they are the original people in this country and they deserve better.
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    Technically, we're not the original people in this county. I believe that was the Neanderthals and they're long dead, most of us are descended from Roman/Scandinavian/Angles/Saxon/Norman/Jute invaders around 700-2100 years ago :P

    I'm in opposition to ID cards because there is such potential for abuse of information - they will include fingerprints and Iris recognition. And as for "uncopiable"? Nothing is uncopiable.

    I feel the government are trying to find some way out of the asylum hole they keep on digging by trying to pander to both left- and right- wing sensibilities at the same time with the resultant complete mess.

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    FACT - Immigrants and Births
    FACT - We've just ruled out the latter

    So the criminalisation and hype and general victimisation, persecution and blame of immigrants really doesn't help too much, does it?
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    Well people can already find out everything they need to know about me on my Driving Liscence...

    My Address
    My Age
    My Name
    The Fact I Can Drive
    My Nationality (although it does not show I have dual-nationality)

    I'm not opposed to it, although I already have a CitizenCard which is National Proof of Age. Anyway if they sorted this ID card out we would all have to pay for it I bet...
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    The talk is that it will be a voluntary scheme for which you will have to pay for the privilege (about 40 pounds).

    Amazingly enough, a passport isn't classified as proof of identity according to at least one high street store. Mrs LE applied for a storecard several months ago (which came through ok) then last week she went in to the store in question to buy something.

    They said "It isn't activated"
    She said "Activate the damned thing then"
    Thay said "Have you proof of identity?"
    She said "Here's my passport"
    They said "That's no good. It doesn't have your address on."

    Incidentally, nor would the ID card.

    To tell the truth, the only people who make a great issue about asylum seekers are the Daily Express, the Daily Mail and my mother-in-law (fascists all). After all, I'm descended from immigrants myself (Dutch, Romany and *choke* Scots) blood taint my otherwise pure Derbyshire/Angle/Saxon/Jute/Isini/Viking/Duck.
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    Personally I'm in favour of them if they can replace every other bit of info in one (Passport, Driving License, NI card etc.)

    Technology should enable that to happen IMO.
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    Ive got no problem with carrying around an identity card, if it makes illegal activities harder, and stamps out on the illegal immigration problem, then i dont see how it can cause any harm...
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    Originally posted by Langeveldt
    If it makes illegal activities harder, and stamps out on the illegal immigration problem, then i dont see how it can cause any harm...
    Thing is, I'm yet to be convinced it will do either.

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    Sounds like England could use some more female cricketers to immigrate. I think I can organise that.
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