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Thread: Battle Of The Simpsons Episodes

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    Joy of Sect!
    Mark Waugh
    "He's [Michael Clarke] on Twitter saying sorry for not walking? Mate if he did that in our side there'd be hell to play. AB would chuck his Twitter box off the balcony or whatever it is. Sorry for not walking? Jesus Christ man."
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    & Maggie Makes Three

    "It was a tumultuous time for our nation: the clear beverage craze gave us all a reason to live. The information superhighway showed the average person what some nerd thinks about Star Trek. And the domestication of the dog continued unabated."

    "Homer, you should see a doctor; I don't think a healthy man can make that kind of smell."

    "The next few weeks at my dream job were like a wonderful waking coma."

    "Homer, did you polish your head in the Shine-O Ball-O?"

    "Well, you know a healthy baby can bring upwards of $60,000."
    Well, of course, that was just a test. Er, had you reacted differently, you'd be in jail right now. Simply a test."

    "Hey, just heard the news over the squawk box. That's nice work, Homer."
    "Thank you, thank you very much. It is nice work."
    "Oh, Mr. Simpson, I have just heard about the little bundle of joy. Congratulations, sir!"
    "It's true, the bundle is little, but I'm not in it for the money."
    "Hey, Homer! Way to get Marge pregnant."
    "This is getting very abstract, but thank you: I do enjoy working at the bowling alley."

    "Hey, wait a minute. What are all these presents? It looks like you're...showering Marge with gifts. Hmm...with little, tiny baby-sized gifts. Well, I'll be in the tub."
    "By the way, congratulations on your new job, Homer."
    "New job? ...Marge is pregnant?! Noooooo!"
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    & Maggie Makes Three

    Been stronger rounds, tbh
    'It seems that perfection is attained, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to take away.'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Howe_zat View Post
    & Maggie Makes Three

    Been stronger rounds, tbh
    Yeah, none of them are truly classics. There'll be some really weak ones coming up though.

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    Bible Stories was great fun at the time but they've since badly overdone the format. And Maggie Makes Three.
    Quote Originally Posted by zaremba View Post
    The Filth have comfortably the better bowling. But the Gash have the batting. Might be quite good to watch.

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    Indians can't bowl - Where has the rumour come from as I myself and many indian friends arwe competent fast bowlers ?

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    And Maggie Makes Three
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    And Maggie Makes Three. Solid tearjerker.
    Exit pursuing a beer

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    & Maggie Makes Three

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    & Maggie makes 3
    Quote Originally Posted by HeathDavisSpeed View Post
    I can think of a list of Sydney Grade posters who would contribute a better average post than Bahnz.
    Maow like no one can hear you maowing.

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    And Maggie Makes Three.
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    Too many bones, not enough CASH!!

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    Homer vs Lisa and the 8th Commandment

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        miraculously with the ball still caught in his scrotal area! Out!

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