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Thread: Battle Of The Simpsons Episodes

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    Stark Raving Dad

    Again, tough.
    The Colourphonics


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    Quote Originally Posted by Howe_zat View Post
    Deep Space Homer.

    NASA's Secret - YouTube

    Deep Space Homer.

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    Deep Space Homer , with due respect to Stark Raving Dad

    Quote Originally Posted by Ausage View Post
    WTF. Love this episode!!

    Stupid trash, rotten stinky, hate world, revenge soon, take out on everyone...
    The U2 cameo cost it the nod
    Indians can't bowl - Where has the rumour come from as I myself and many indian friends arwe competent fast bowlers ?

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    Deep Space Homer

    Probably my favourite episode tbh

    I don't understand it, that was non-alcoholic champagne.

    There's just so much gold from this episode.
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    Mark Waugh
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    Deep space homer

    Reporter: Don't you think it's potentially dangerous sending unqualified individuals into space?
    Homer: I'll field this one. There's no danger, as long as we aren't sent to that terrible planet of the apes...wait a minute... statue of liberty... THAT WAS OUR PLANET!
    Homer falls to the floor
    Homer: You maniacs! You blew it up! Damn you!
    Nasa Colonel: Uh... That concludes this conference.
    Quote Originally Posted by HeathDavisSpeed View Post
    I can think of a list of Sydney Grade posters who would contribute a better average post than Bahnz.
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    God dammit I wish I voted for the George Bush episode. Who shot Mr. Burns is ****ttttt.
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    Deep Space Homer.

    Should go far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dontcloseyoureyes View Post
    God dammit I wish I voted for the George Bush episode. Who shot Mr. Burns is ****ttttt.
    Who shot Mr Burns is just overrated, which is to say worse than the George Bush episode. So in essence completely agree, wish I had voted too.
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    "Do us all a favour, invent yourself some underpants" - was the best thing ever as a 10 year old, want to vote for it so bad. The Michael Jackson episode (idgaf what the actual name is) is a classic too.

    Deep Space Homer just has the value from start to finish though. Brutal battle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ausage View Post
    Who shot Mr Burns is just overrated, which is to say worse than the George Bush episode. So in essence completely agree, wish I had voted too.
    Yeah same, was WTF NO'ing reading through the thread. The Bush episode was miles better.

    Why is George Bush driving round in circles on our lawn? Is he lost?

    He's not lost...
    Quote Originally Posted by zaremba View Post
    The Filth have comfortably the better bowling. But the Gash have the batting. Might be quite good to watch.

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    Deep Space Homer.
    Forever 63* at the SCG

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    Deep Space Homer. So, so good.

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    Deep Space Homer

    Unrelated but was on Stupid sexy Flanders facebook and felt it needed posting here

    "Sir, earlier today six cinder blocks were swiped from the construction site."
    "There'll be no hospital then, I'll tell the children."

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    Yeah, Deep Space Homer.

    "Maybe we should finally tell them the big secret: that all the chimps we sent into space came back super-intelligent."

    "Gentlemen, you've both worked very hard. & in a way, you're both winners. But in another more accurate way, Barney is the winner."

    "Default? Woo hoo! The two sweetest words in the English language! De-fault! De-fault! De-fault!"

    "& I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords."

    Love James Taylor's cameo too:

    "Listen, Aldrin, I'm not as laid back as people think. Now here's the deal: I'm going to play, and you're going to float there and like it."

    "I'm sure you high-tech NASA people could care less about our resort town ways."
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