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Thread: Deer Takes Down Hunter

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    Deer Takes Down Hunter

    It's getting harder out there every day folks.

    ALBION, Ind. -- A northeastern Indiana hunter has died after struggling with a buck he had just shot.

    The Indiana Department of Natural Resources says 62-year-old Paul Smith of Fort Wayne died Monday during a deer reduction hunt at Chain O'Lakes State Park about 20 miles northwest of the city. It says the Noble County coroner says the death was due to a lacerated liver, possibly suffered during the struggle. ...Full Story

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    Oh deer. Something you doen't want to do. You'd have to be bucking mad in my opinion.

    I'll show myself out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NZTailender View Post
    Oh deer. Something you doen't want to do. You'd have to be bucking mad in my opinion.

    I'll show myself out.
    Poor form from a poster of your elk.

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    Simply staggering.
    Quote Originally Posted by FaaipDeOiad
    Healy's attempts at analysis are just so good. Earlier he listed the percentages of deliveries that Broad landed in the "good" "full" and "short" lengths, adding up naturally to 100, and concluded that he was so successful as a bowler because he got every ball to land in these areas.

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    Quite a rutting comment, itbt.

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    Should have anteloped at his age instead of getting near the creature.

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    Deer Takes Down Hunter


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