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Thread: Lucid Dreams my Reality check failed

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    Lucid Dreams my Reality check failed

    I did the reality test in real life, by throwing something in the air and catching it, (Chapstick of all things) and sure enough I tried it a dream (too see if I was dreaming), but nothing unusal happened, but after I did it in the dream I thought thought, "This sucks Im dreaming, but the test ain't working, because its still coming down as normal.

    I couldn't control the dream.

    Would this still be considered a lucid dream?, and how can I improve my reality test?

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    Poor reality check imo, try giving yourself an uppercut next time and see if it hurts, then you'll be able to tell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ripper868 View Post
    try giving yourself an uppercut next time
    Should probably ask Uppercut's permission first...

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