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Thread: Hollywood Gossip Thread

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    Hollywood Gossip Thread

    Loved the following article as there is nothing of substance in it. Yet it helped sell a magazine somewhere...

    Brad and Jennifer came within 100 metres of one another -

    Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt Almost Reunite! | Entertainment/Music |
    Jen and Brad were only feet away from each other last week when they were shooting movies on the Sony lot…yikes!

    It’s not very often Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are in the same place at the same time, but the exes almost bumped into each other last week on the Sony lot in Culver City Sept. 3. Can you imagine?!

    Jen, 41, was shooting promos for her romantic comedy, Just Go With It, with Adam Sandler, which was just a sound stage away from Brad, 46, who was working on his new film, Moneyballs, reports US Weekly.

    Thank goodness Jen wasn’t there just one day earlier, though. Apparently, Angelina Jolie came to visit Brad with their youngest kids, two-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne. Now THAT would have been awkward.

    The last time Jen and Brad were in the same place was during the Haiti relief telethon in Jan. — and that also was a close call! Do you think they will actually talk to each other one of these days? We certainly hope so!
    1) Ross is Boss.
    2) See point 1.

    Leading the charge against nuances being used in posts.

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    I wanna hear what DingDong thinks about this

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    Yeah, the guy should have his own column imo.

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