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Thread: Weird Dreams

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    I've had somwhat a lot of lucid dreams. The problem though is that the moment that I know I am dreaming, everything starts to stagnate and the dream breaks away.

    It is truly heartbreaking to be in so much of a blissful dream and to get it cut short abruptly even though you are still asleep. I don't think I've ever once succeeded in going back to it.

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    Dreamt I stepped on a crocodile once. Its scales stabbed and wounded my foot. Woke up terrified. Bizarre.
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    A lot of my dreams are just me in an action movie scenario but I know I am dreaming. There have been times I've been woken up from the dream and then more or less start where I left off.
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    Iím in a building and I notice that Iím surrounded by the ocean I get a feeling I start running I never really know why I am running till I get bored wanna wake up to my dream report

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    Leave her, Johnny, leave her.
    Yesterday I dreamt about criticizing Dev Patel's performance in the movie Lion on a CW post. Don't know why. He was very good in it.
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    I dreamt that South Africa played Sri Lanka in a home test series and got beaten 2-0.

    Very weird dream.

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    There are a few posts here where dreamers have been aware they're dreaming. Has anyone here tried to actually control their dreams, once they become aware they're dreaming?

    When I was younger, I had read some Carlos Castenada in which the Yaqui mentor tells him he needs to look at his hands in his dream, as a means to start to gain control of his dreams. I did achieve this once, i.e. consciously looked at my hands during the dream, but allowed myself to get sidetracked in the dream and then didn't try it again.

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    Lucid dreaming is great. I can rarely remember them though and I don't think I get them that frequently (maybe once a month?). It takes a lot of effort to not wake up and ruin it all unfortunately..

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    Anyone else get jumping dreams. Sometimes in my dreams I jump 50'high. It's fun so I start jumping down the street and over houses in a single bound. Inevitably I jump under power lines and they rubber band slam me back into the ground which is usually the end of the junction.

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    A few days ago I dreamt that the bloke who plays Ted Hastings in Line of Duty woke me up by shouting "Wake up I can't breath" at me.

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    I dreamt I a white walker and I was chopping off heads like Ned stark.

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