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Thread: Google Analytics

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    Google Analytics

    Howdy all,

    Are any of you good with Google Analytics??

    I've been trying to wrap my head around how to use some of its functions. Have added tracking to all of the pages and have been collecting data for a month now..

    Have set up filters and created goals - some of the basic things that can be done. (And yet-not sure how to check if my filter is working)

    However, there's still so many other things that I can't work out by playing around with it/watching YouTube videos. Haven't actually had any training for GA so pretty much just plugging away with no real idea about where I'm headed.

    I've been reading up on how to track PDF downloads/videos viewed but still have no clue as to how to set these up.....

    You guys are smart on here so I think it's probable that there's a GA nerd on here somewhere?

    Any help/tips would be amazing...
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    CW uses Google Analytics i think, not entirely sure but few of the things that i see from time to time suggest that. Maybe James can fill us in that department.

    Edit: On that note, sorry i'm no help to your problem though.
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