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Thread: Best Song By...?

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    Best Song By...?

    Another music thread, but hopefully something a bit different.

    In this thread, a famous band is named - generally one that at least the majority of people will have heard of and then each person lists their three favourite songs by that band in order. Their favourite song scores 3 points, 2nd two points and 3rd one point.

    For example, if I was to choose the Muttonbirds (which I wouldn't as only about 10% of people would have heard of them) I might say my 3 favourite songs are:

    1. Anchor Me
    2. Dominion Road
    3. Wellington

    Anchor Me scores 3, Dominion Road 2 and Wellington 1.

    At the end of an arbitrary period of my choosing, the votes are totalled and we then know the most popular songs of that band.

    So, to start of with, let's try Rapid Eye Movement (trying desperately not to fall into the CricketWeb Survivor acronym trap here, but you can work it out for yourself)

    My votes are:

    1. What's the Frequency, Kenneth? (3 points)
    2. Orange Crush (2 points)
    3. Losing My Religion (1 point)
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    1) New Orleans Instrumental
    2) Losing My Religion
    3) Try Not To Breathe
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    1) Had double pneumonia as a kid, as did my twin sis. Doctors told my parents to pray that we lived through the night. Dad said **** off, I'm an atheist, you ****s better save my kids, etc. Then prayed anyway.

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    Tough starter. REM have an impressively consistent body of work. Any choices going to be fairly random.

    1) Drive - dark, sparse, brooding; incredibly brave choice for a lead single from an album.
    2) E-bow The Letter - Dreaming of Maria Callas, indeed. Liquid melancholic gorgeousness.
    3) The Finest Worksong - Late 80s epic protest song. Cavernously massive tune. Berry & Mills show what a lithe and almost funky rhythm section they could be.
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    Bitch please, I'm from West Yorkshire
    I'e only really listened to Automatic For the People, so I'm not really that knowledgable on most of their stuff. Agree with Brumby though, Drive is a really good song.

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    cpr is online now
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    Nice Heath, thought about a similar thread a few months ago, but more of a discussion on one band per week or so, never thought about a weighted points system.

    Also, now i know why the acronym thread has cropped back up, not one for survivor this time.

    Anyway, here are the votes from the cpr jury.

    1) The One I Love, tois pointes
    2) Drive, deux pointe
    3) Radio Free Europe, une pointe
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    1. What's the Frequency Kenneth
    2. Losing My Religion
    3. E-bow the letter

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    1. Losing My Religion
    2. What's the Frequency Kenneth
    3. E-bow the letter

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    Y no Afghanistan flag NUFAN's Avatar
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    1 Man on the Moon
    2 Shiny, Happy, People (what? it's good)
    3 What's the Frequency, Kenneth?"

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    1. Orange Crush
    2. Drive
    3. The Great Beyond

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    1. Man on the Moon
    2. Crush With Eyeliner
    3. Losing My Religion
    R.I.P Craigos, you were a champion bloke. One of the best

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    1. Losing My Religion
    2. Man on the Moon
    3. Whats the frequency Kenneth?
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    Wish I could articulate myself all over your face tbh
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    Cricketer Of The Year The Sean's Avatar
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    1. Drive
    2. The One I Love
    3. Sweetness Follows
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    Quote Originally Posted by grecian View Post
    C'mon Man U.
    RIP Craigos

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    un point: What's the Frequency, Kenneth?
    deux points: Man on the Moon
    trois points: Nightswimming
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    un point: Leaving New York
    deux points: Nightswimming
    trois points: Man on the Moon

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    1) Losing My Religion
    2) Man on the Moon
    3) Drive

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