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Thread: Chelsea

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    This guy Abrihimovich who has taken over Chelsea appears to be a tycoon who wants to rival Real Madrid & AC Milan with a team full of superstars.

    Apparently he's worth $5 billion $300 million in transfer fees shouldn't really bother him too much.
    He's already attempted to make a huge bid on Thierry Henry but failed.

    I think Chelsea need to becareful that this guy doesn't ruin them because it appears if anyone fails at the club they'll be gone by next season.

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    I believe the Henry bid is merely press hype.

    I cannot see how this bloke will ruin Chelsea, he wants to buy all the shares, so that will he is personally the only one in debt to the tune of however many shares there are, and he's prepared to treat it as a hobby rather than a business, which is what Chelsea need.

    Incidentally, he offered Cagliari 1.2m for Zola...
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    yeah, i wish i could own a EPL side for a hobby, just like CM
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