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Thread: Hedningarna, Gjallarhorn - World Music, Swedish, Finnish

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    Hedningarna, Gjallarhorn - World Music, Swedish, Finnish

    I listened to a track from this band am completely hooked!

    A quick search led me to Gjallarhorn, whose landmark track "Suvetar" had me absolutely spellbound.

    Needless to say I've become a fan of Swedish-finnish music.

    Though am a newbie in this area of world music.

    Can someone suggest "must-hear" tracks of these bands, or similar bands???


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    Not immediately familiar with them, but it's my neck of the woods, and I fear no one else will have a clue (or indeed take you seriously. )

    Listening to the first youtube clips of them both, they seemed a bit different: Gjallarhorn invoke more Ugric drumming techniques, Hedningarna seemed to stick to fiddling their fiddles. Interesting that they have taken a Swedish name but sing in Finnish.

    I've got into the Estonian band Dagö lately - they're more pop influenced but certainly have some folk rhythms - similar are the Norwegian Vamp - and Sámi Mari Boine is quite popular here and probably has more "world music" tendencies than the other two.
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    The Wannadies were always good and Grass-show did a couple of good songs. Probably not the correct genre though, as they sung in English.
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    Thanks guys. Lemme check them out

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