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Thread: Coming in 2009: Battle of the Leaders

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    Coming in 2009: Battle of the Leaders

    Right, i'm running this one, so the rules will be made up when i can be bothered. Like a true leader, i'll do it my way and **** the rest of you.

    Battle of the dictators has been done, but what about those 'Good leaders?' (oxymoron). This competition will sort the men from the boys, crossing time, continents, types of government, even religion.

    The qualification process will begin now, with 4 of the top ranked contenders recieving an automatic place in the draw to be held just after I sober up in new year. Expect between now and new year a selection of profiles of some of the top contenders to be posted up (half based on fact, half based on malicious rumours in regard to their football skill I may or may not make up).

    Any leader, be it President, Prime Minister, Dictator, Monarch, Military Commander, Pope, Medieval Tyrant are allowed (Premiership Managers are currently negotiating the TV rights for their breakaway league that could start as soon as March).

    Unfortunately, at the moment Adolf Hitler is suspended following missed drugs test, his appeal is in to the IOC but not eligible for now.

    Already Qualified (hey, I'm a leader, i'm choosing those I feel deserve a spot, my comp!)

    Henry VII (England - King)
    Duke of Wellington (England - Military/PM)
    George Washington (U.S.A. - President)
    Mohandas Gandhi (India - Spiritual Leader/Political legend)

    Nominations to begin, to be rounded up by Christmas, Limit of 5 Nominations and 5 seconds (obv dont need to second the above), will decide numbers and such when i see the uptake, not adverse to having a massive frist round (thinking, if needs be, 5 in a battle, get 2 votes each round, top 3 go through)

    This battle will change your lives
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    Helen Clark
    Bob Hawke
    Nelson Mandela
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    Alexander Dubček
    Lech Walesa
    Václav Havel
    Imre Nagy
    Bonaventura Durrutì
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    William Pitt (The Younger)
    FD Roosevelt
    Abraham Lincoln
    John Curtin
    Thomas Jefferson
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    Good nominations so far, even if one or two of Heaths made me think for a sec (Walesa though, what a call). Shall probably give the first update of who's in and not in 24 hours. Keep voting and seconding folks

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpr View Post
    Good nominations so far, even if one or two of Heaths made me think for a sec.
    20th Century Eastern European politics was a speciality of mine in my early-mid 20s. Shame I missed the Battle of the Dictators (link, anyone?) really, would have been rooting for Nicolae Ceaucescu.

    Can I negative second Helen Clark?

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    William Wallace
    Napolean Bonaparte
    Richard the Lionheart
    Joan of Arc
    John Eales

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    Love that line so much!
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    john f. kennedy
    martin luther king jnr.
    mohandas k. gandhi
    nelson mandela
    william jefferson clinton
    abraham lincoln
    franklin d. roosevelt
    dalai lama
    lal bahadur shastri

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anil View Post
    john f. kennedy
    What the hell for? Most over rated American President of all time? I'd say so.

    I'd vote Lyndon Baines Johnson well ahead of him. Anyway, more of this debate when the time comes, I guess.

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    BJ Watling's luxurious curls
    Mao Tse Tung
    George Bush
    Nandor Tanczos
    Stephen Fleming
    Emperor Caligula aka "little boots"
    Alexander the Great
    William the Conqueror
    El Cid
    Peregrin Took (becomes Thain (king)o f the Shire you know)
    William Wallace
    Queen Elizabeth I

    More coming when I think of them.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bahnz View Post
    I need u like Henry Nicholls needs batting school
    He was terrible in that series
    I need u like Ross Taylor needed to be fit
    He's way better than Henry Nicholls
    And now all I can think about is your smile
    and that ****** test series too
    Losing to Australia sucked and I miss you
    Proudly supporting Central Districts
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    Wangari Mathai

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    These require seconds, correct?

    I'll second Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, Martin Luther King Jr. and John Curtin.

    Nominate Gough Whitlam.
    I know a place where a royal flush
    Can never beat a pair

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