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Thread: Blue Flag for Cleethorpes

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    Blue Flag for Cleethorpes

    I think I speak for the whole of Lincolnshire when I say:

    How the hell did that happen?! :O
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    And the rest of us want to know what "Blue Flag" means?
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    It's when a beach gets certified to recognise its cleanliness.

    In the case of Cleethorpes, it's because the flag fell into the sea and got stained that colour by all the copper sulphate.
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    I think its all relative, and to be fair, British beaches are shocking.... I wouldnt like to sit in a deckchair and freeze to death, then make out im having a really good time... The only remotely good beaches are in Dorset, Devon and Cornwall IMO

    Better walking straight past the beach and hitting the surf
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    W T F ? Did they actually go to our beach? It's got more **** in the sea than a sewage works. :O:O:O There isn't a single grain of sand that doesn't glow green with chemical waste..............still does for the Yorkies though
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    1. (1/3/5) The water must comply with the Mandatory and Guideline value of the appropriate microbiological parameters of the EC Bathing Water Directive 76/160/EEC. Guideline water must meet the guideline standard for total coliform, faecal coliform (E coli) and faecal streptococci parameters and the mandatory standard for the faecal and total coliform parameters. There should be at least 20 samples taken at regular intervals throughout the bathing season.

    Total coliform - 500 per 100ml - 80%
    Faecal coliform - 100 per 100ml - 80%
    Faecal streptococci - 100 per 100ml 90%

    pH - 6 - 9
    Colour - no abnormal change
    Mineral oils - no visible film on the surface and no odour
    Surface active substances - no lasting foam
    Phenols - no specific colour
    Transparency secchi depth > 1m or 'no abnormal decrease'
    Tarry residues and floating materials - absence of sewage solids in water and land (m)
    Oil pollution - absence (m)

    Beach and Intertidal Area
    2. (2) No industrial or sewage discharges may enter the beach area without previous treatment
    3. (12) Local and/or regional emergency plans to cope with pollution incidents
    4.(4) No algal or other vegetation materials may accumulate or be left to decay on the beach, except in areas designated for a specific use and as long as this does not constitute a nuisance. (g)
    5. The community must be in compliance with requirements for sewage related treatment and effluent quality such as are contained in the EU Urban Waste Water Directive.

    Information and Education
    6. (25) Prompt public warning if the beach, or part thereof, has, or is expected to become, grossly polluted or otherwise unsafe. Procedures for issuing public warnings in such cases must be covered by the emergency plan referred to in criterion 3.
    7. (26) Information on natural sensitive areas in the coastal zone, including its flora and fauna, must be publicly displayed and included in tourist information. The information must include advice on how to behave in such areas.
    8. (28) The responsible authority undertakes to remove the flag if a criterion is no longer fulfilled and to publicly display, as close as possible to the Blue Flag:
    Updated information about bathing water quality in the form of a table or figure that can be easily understood
    Information about the Blue Flag including the aspects covered by the campaign and who is responsible at local and national level

    9. (29) The responsible authority, beach operator and local community should be able to demonstrate that at least five educational activities are offered.
    10. (27) Laws governing beach use must be easily available to the public upon request e.g. in tourist offices, town hall or on the beach. The code of conduct for the beach area must be displayed on the beach
    11. The local community may have an Environmental Interpretation Centre or similar permanent public environmental place dealing with the coastal environment. Such a centre may be denoted a Blue Flag Centre if it is a place to obtain information about the Blue Flag and serves as a focal point for public environmental activities about the coast and sea. (g)

    Environmental Management and Facilities
    12. The local community must have a land-use and development plan for its coastal zone. This plan and the current activities of the community in the coastal zone must be in compliance with planning regulations and coastal zone protection regulations.
    13. (24) Litter bins in adequate numbers, properly secured and regularly maintained and emptied. There must be adequate provision for refuse, algal matter and other pollutants collected at the beach. The waste collected at the beach must be disposed of in a licensed facility.
    14. (23) A daily beach clean during the bathing season when necessary
    15. (14) There will be no:
    driving unless specifically authorised
    beach bike or car races

    Beaches on which cars are allowed must have designated areas for parking, car-free zones and the water's edge must always be kept entirely free from cars.

    16. (13) There must be safe access to the beach.
    17. (15) Manage the conflicting and incompatible needs of different users e.g. zoning for swimmers, windsurfers, nature conservation. If there are natural areas bordering the beach, steps must have been taken to prevent negative impacts from the use of traffic to and from the beach and its waters.
    18. (20) Adequate, clean and regularly maintained toilet facilities with controlled sewage disposal, conforming with the requirements of criterion number 7.
    19. (6) Lifeguards are on duty during the bathing season and/or there is adequate safety provisions, including lifesaving equipment and directions for their use and immediate access to a telephone.
    20. (8) First aid must be available on the beach and its location easily identified.
    21. (16/17) Dogs must be banned throughout the summer season and all other domestic animal access and activities must be controlled under all circumstances.
    22. (18) A shielded / protected source of drinking water
    23. (19) Public telephones within easy access to the beach. (g) (Where there are no lifeguards this criteria is imperative.)
    24. (22) At least one of the community's beaches must be equipped with access ramps to the beach, parking and toilet facilities for people with disabilities, except where the topography does not allow for it. In cases where the community has only one beach awarded with a Blue Flag it must have access and facilities for disabled visitors.
    25. (21) All buildings and equipment on the beach must be properly maintained.
    26. The beach should have facilities for receiving recyclable waste materials, such as glass bottles and cans. (recommended criterion until reviewed in 2005)
    27. The local community should promote sustainable means of transportation in the beach area, e.g. through cycling, walking and public transport. (recommended criterion until reviewed in 2005).

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    "Cleethorpes beaches are of a fine, unspoilt, gently sloping sandy nature. The central beach has a traditional promenade, running parallel to Victorian gardens. The southern beaches are designated a SSSI & Nature Reserve."


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    Cricket Web Staff Member luckyeddie's Avatar
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    It's got a bowling centre, though.

    Debbie Hall bowls there. She was excellent when we bowled on the same pair of lanes in the British Open a few years ago.

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